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  1. desh2s

    Mobile between 10k to 15k

    I want to buy a mobile for my sister in the range of 10k to 15k. Th requirements are 1. A good camera 2. good music quality. Please suggest. Thanks in advance!!
  2. desh2s

    nokia e51 or n73 or n81

    get N81 its rocking..
  3. desh2s

    A query about Nokia 1112

    thanks krazy!!
  4. desh2s

    A query about Nokia 1112

    thanks krazy.. could you plz tell me the cheapest phone I can get for my usage.
  5. desh2s

    A query about Nokia 1112

    Guys!!! Can my mobile Nokia 1112 works well in US. As I am going to US for a month for an official Tour and right now, I don't want to spend money on mobile.
  6. desh2s

    Racing Games Discussion

    Sorry sir.. long time back i played but you can get all these details in the walkthrough or search the net "how to get max bounty in NFSMW"
  7. desh2s

    Racing Games Discussion

    check the walkthrough available on gamesopt, nfsplanet. you will easily get the info in that..
  8. desh2s

    iPhone in Wavetell - Chennai

    for 25k .. get a n95 instead of iPhone..
  9. desh2s

    what to choose between these two

    N73ME is much slower than 5700 .. that's why I choose 5700 instead of N73
  10. desh2s

    what to choose between these two

    I can go upto 15k at max. so e61i is beyond my reach. I think 5700+office aaps is better choice. thanks for your comments guys.
  11. desh2s

    what to choose between these two

    I have narrowed my search to these two mobiles Nokia 5700 Xpress Music Nokia E65 Can anyone tell me which mobile I should buy?? My requirements are 1. ability to do office works 2. ability to play music(not much but yes it should be good to hear.) 3. overall connectivity
  12. desh2s

    Suggest digital camera around 15k

    sony cybershot w200
  13. desh2s

    Mobile under 22k

    how about iPhone... it is now released and 21k for 4GB and 25k for 5GB..
  14. desh2s

    Metal Gear Solid.What's wrong??

    pirated don't expect anything here....
  15. desh2s

    Which phones would you buy if you had 1 lakh rupees?

    For me... N95 E90 Moto ROKR these all with 2 GB card.
  16. desh2s

    how do u find Nokia N95?

    Nice plan....go for it in future....really a cooooool phone
  17. desh2s

    Plannin to buy N95

    with bill or without bill ??
  18. desh2s

    Plannin to buy N95

    Suggestions in the sense weather my purchasing is ok or should I wait for some more time or should I go for any other phone.
  19. desh2s

    Plannin to buy N95

    hey hey....going for this phone next weekend.... just wants suggestions...
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