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  1. GhostRecon

    Best free antivirus to install on Windows 8.1?

    I'm using AVAST AV + Comodo Firewall in Win 8.1 with Spybot Search and Destroy as an extra layer of Antispyware. I also have MalwareBytes scanner installed and scan my computer once a week. AVAST is the most lightweight and best free AV option out there. Using it for last 6 years without any...
  2. GhostRecon

    The Lenovo Ideapad Y510p Thread

    $889.00 + $71.12 (California State Tax - For states like Texas/Oregon/Washington, it'd be much less) = $960.12 (Roughly 59K INR at the time of purchase) under Barnes and Noble discount. About the processor it's usual 4700MQ. Sorry for the typo. I am currently in the US :). No they don't ship...
  3. GhostRecon

    The Lenovo Ideapad Y510p Thread

    Ordered the Non-SLI version with 24 GB SSD M.2 cache drive, DVD ROM and nVidia GT750M from US Lenovo Site. The price is good but the waiting time is huge!
  4. GhostRecon

    Master Hardware Contact List

    Hi Guys, Where can I get Biostar HD 5770 1 GB in Kolkata? I tried Vendant .. they said they only have XFX now. Product Description - * Thanks in advance.
  5. GhostRecon

    Help!!!XFX 8600 can handle 22 inch moniter??

    XFX 8600 GT 256 DDR3 - Full HD Video Playback - Yes Full HD Gaming - No. For Full HD Gaming get Sapphire/XFX/MSI(Hawk) 5770 GDDR5 1 GB GPU @ 9.5K (10K for MSI HAWK version) But seeing ur PSU which is I guess Cooler Master Extreme Series, U should opt either for a PSU change (Change to Corsair...
  6. GhostRecon

    Graphic card

    HD 5770 @ 7000 !!?????:confused::blink::CiobarAbt2Cry:
  7. GhostRecon

    Build a PC for 50K

    See the config posted by comp@ddict a few posts above. Make a few changes - PSU - Corsair VX550 ~ 5.5 K (Instead of VX450) to make it more future compatible. GPU - for a 22 inch (1920 X 1080 px) a XFX/Sapphire Raedeon 5770 will be enough unless u are a core gamer. RAM - Change the brand to...
  8. GhostRecon

    Build a PC for 50K

    Unless you have a 65k+ budget or going for Core i7, it is better to settle with AMD. With Athlon2/Phenom 2 series, AMD has come up a long way since it's early Athlon 64 - bit processors. I am an Intel fan myself and both my previous desktop and my laptop are Intel based. But after seeing good...
  9. GhostRecon

    New Thinkdigit website. Feedback and suggestions welcome here

    Very clean design...thumbs up :)
  10. GhostRecon

    [By Demand] May 2010

    Developer tools - MS Sharepoint server 2010 beta. MS Sharepoint designer 2010 beta Microsoft expression demos Multimedia - 3d studio max/Maya demo corel graphics suit demo System - Stardock software demos (Window blinds & other object desktop programs) article - latest gpu comparison (ATI...
  11. GhostRecon

    TV Tuner for LCD - Suggestion Plz

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a good TV tuner card for my BenQ 22 inch LCD monitor... My budget is Rs. 2000-2500 (max) The card should be able to record shows in good resolution and should give good picture quality in LCD. Also please suggest whether I should go for internal or External :) I'm...
  12. GhostRecon

    GFX Card for Moderate Gaming!

    Sapphire - 2 yrs warranty XFX - Lifetime limited warranty (Wish I had seen this b4 purchase :( ) Ref - * Also yes availability of XFX is greater in India than Sapphire...:-)
  13. GhostRecon

    Need help with UPS

    Yeah that it does....:smile: ......According to FAQ, u can control the frequency via software... never tested though... * @ ashu888ashu888 ..... Thanks mate. And yes APC rules...... bought an old...
  14. GhostRecon

    Need help with UPS

    APC 650V is good :) . Bought it a few days back. So far no trouble.
  15. GhostRecon

    GFX Card for Moderate Gaming!

    I think XFX HD 5670(512 MB) @ ~6K will also be a good deal. Although a 32 inch LCD monitor will need HD 5770 at least. 5670 is good upto 1600X1200 resolution gaming.....
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