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  1. probir

    software needed

    i need a software for color printing Indian Passport size photo, Stamp Size photo, Pan Card photo. like photocool. but didn't found any working photocool crack or patch or keygen.
  2. probir

    Billing software needed

    any computer store billing software like expert.
  3. probir

    run pc on inverter during prolonged power cut

    coolermaster PSU will solve your problem... mine having same problem 2yrs ago... but after installing cooler master PSU problem solve.
  4. probir

    Intel Processor

    mine abt 1.2K with heatsink and fan.
  5. probir

    Intel Processor

    I need Pentium 4 or Pentium D CPU any Ghz. mail with price.
  6. probir

    amd fusion

    Ivy Bridge is the codename given to the 22 nm die shrink of the Sandy Bridge
  7. probir

    Western Digital 1 TB internal HDD 64MB cache WD10EARS

    is this have warranty ?
  8. probir

    Nokia 1100

    keep the gold. will not get price.....
  9. probir

    AGP Graphics Card

    mine have XFX 6200 AGP. i am frm nearby kolkata. wana sell 1600(with shipping) if interested pm.
  10. probir

    Advantages and disadvantages of "amd" processors in india over intel?

    i have read all the above discussing abt CPU & their company. but the real factor for business is LUCK{INTEL VS AMD}. AMD did not make so much market as INTEL. but they trying hard to beatup INTEL. and with some CPU design and price and performance AMD beat INTEL. I was using computer as a...
  11. probir

    Any socket AM2/AM2+/AM3 processor (Athlon64/AthlonII/Phenom/PhenomII)

    i have AMD 945 x4 bought 18.08.2010... with 6900 +vat if interested then pm me with price.
  12. probir

    all about NEW Technology called SSD

    A quick recap on what a SSD is: You know those flash chips that are used in usb sticks and various memory cards? A SSD is basically several of those chips working in parallel with a controller to bring you higher speed. There are many advantages to a SSD compared to a traditional spinning...
  13. probir

    post ur websites here

    Welcome To My Site
  14. probir

    IDE Hard disk (any size)

    i have segate 80gb, 120gb no warrenty... offer your price... fron near about kolkata.
  15. probir

    Internet problem

    if u r using broadband then mention the modem company & model name .
  16. probir

    Which is the best linux?

    if you just a operator i mean just want to do everything then SUSE Linux distro is best for you. it is more comfortable.
  17. probir

    Need utility for HDD's Bad Sectors?

    Hard disk Sentinel.. best.
  18. probir

    web space for sale

    i want to sell web space .... @ Rs. 1000 yearly. 99.99% up time. if interested then contact with my e-mail address... 100% secure, reliable, best....... specification We own, manage and maintain our own 'load balanced' clustered hosting network. Consisting of powerful Quad CPU Xeon...
  19. probir

    Corsair DDR3 2gb

    i want to sell My newly buy on 18.08.2010 Corsair DDR3 1333 - 2Gb - Rs.2000 if interested then e-mail me.
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