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    Bangaloreans Upgrading? in 65K range

    Just a small thread started for those looking to buy/upgrade PC's in Bangalore.. >Can list your price/Budget & Purpose. > I myself am looking at 65K Hope this is useful for everyone.
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    Need a High resource consuming PC

    @Jaskanwar >very nice build considering budget. Op...considering what you are using build for(similar to mine)you will really not be gaming on a hardcore level,meaning,you really dont need a P67 chipset to overclock >I would suggest going with Jaskanwar's first build as it would be...
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    need help building a gaming rig

    core i5 - 2500K @ 11K Intel DP67-BG @ 9K Corsair Vengeance 4 GB Stick 2x @ 5.5k CM Elite 430 @2.5K MSi GTX 560 Ti Hawk @ 15.3k (Can fulfill all your gaming needs unless you are a crazy enthusiast...SLI this later and you are ON..matches GTX570 levels) Seagate 1TB 7200.12 HDD @ 2.7k ( for a bit...
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    Gaming rig for 60k

    You can also try 'Computer Warehouse' in Barton Centre on M.G.Road >Very nice prices, best imho & most important they have been around for sometime. >But finding specific parts are an issue at this point as they are out of stock. > For your build you can get all the components except the...
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    Graphic-Gaming Build & PSU Issue

    @topgear thanks a lot for the superbly detailed post. >I really will not be overclocking, having said that will a 2600 suit me better over a 2600K in a H67 motherboard or is still safe to wait for Z68 >Can someone suggest a few internet sites safe to order from apart from ones listed...
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    Graphic-Gaming Build & PSU Issue

    Hi Vishwanathan, >Really cool build >Wouldn't a H67 suffice our needs against a P67(no overclocking for me).Iam just wondering here, any suggestions from others would be really helpful. >Iam looking at 6GB Corsair(not really looking at 'Vengeance' or Dominator'..not sure about all that)against...
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    Lifetime question

    +1 more dd_naik... i too am looking at a new system & if you want longevity Sandy bridge is the way for aforementioned reasons. however if you are really looking at pushing system life then i would suggest at least a quad-core Sandy bridge. Dual-cores will become history come next year...
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    Graphic-Gaming Build & PSU Issue

    Thanks for the reply Topgear.. >Reason why i asked about the PSU was, i read some people using it in conjunction with a GB-H67-UDM, which comes with energy saving features, thus doing load balancing. Under this stress the TX-650 produced a very high frequency whine. Just wanted to make sure...
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    Graphic-Gaming Build & PSU Issue

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as all types of systems are capable of doing that) A:Graphic Rendering(3ds Max,Maya,Z-Brush,Photoshop)..Moderate Gaming 2. Are you open to alternate ideas/products giving...
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    Laptops Are Crippling Us

    Hilarious read "You see, the most expensive piece of hardware to maintain is the one I run: eyes, back, fingers. It’s very, very, expensive to repair, and it requires a lot of downtime." Always have been propogating usage of desktops(since laptops require heavy investment towards maintenance...
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