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  1. Edburg

    Bloggers' Corner

    My new blog on my views on automobiles and technology related news and stuffs - Auto and tech blog its the first time i am using custom domain and wordpress interface.
  2. Edburg

    Opera 10 Peregrine Alpha out

    been using this build since release...never crashed so far..great thing in a alpha version
  3. Edburg

    Fastest Browser..(based on personal experience)

    I just used Opera 10 and it feels lightning fast..even better than version 9 No bugs so far in my usage..but its still alpha
  4. Edburg

    n82, n95 or n85 ????

    ^^no no no dont go for original n95..its got bad battery life and only 64 MB ram by ur requiremnets look at n79 or samsung soul
  5. Edburg

    Nokia N73ME supporting memory >2GB?

    i think more than 2 gb is supported by only those with microSDHC tech..not sure though check is ur fone is microSD only or microSDHC
  6. Edburg

    Subtitle for English Movies on TV - Ur Take ??

    yeah....but there are many of my frnds who dont watch a eng movie without a its a boon to them i guess ;)
  7. Edburg

    Google opens the floodgates, open-sources Android

    may be the chinese phones can use this OS
  8. Edburg

    Wanted Mobile Phone Under 10K: Nokia 6233 OR 5310 ?

    as i said 5320....but u havent mentioned the requirements.... SE G502 also seems good for its price and is good if u dont need symbian..for specific camera or touchscreen or unique features u many want to try for other options
  9. Edburg

    Wanted Mobile Phone Under 10K: Nokia 6233 OR 5310 ?

    for 10k the best mobile is nokia 5320 XM....just get second thoughts u get 128 mb ram, latest symbian, ngage, HSDPA
  10. Edburg

    Application Access problem on Nokia phone

    i too faced the same prob in my 6233 and i desperately wanted to install airtel mchek and mgmaps.... i found that those apps without jad file are like this...u will need the jar file's corresponding jad file to make it always accessible.
  11. Edburg

    Bloggers' Corner

    yamaha fz 16 preview by me at my blog
  12. Edburg


    ^^ for me when using airtel live,i can access internet only thru default browser and not in other java apps....thye only work in aitel gprs in my 6233... may be the same case with ur idea provider...ask their customer care
  13. Edburg

    Bharati Airtel to launch DTH services from Oct 9

    The DTH market is getting crowded and confusing.... i guess i am goin to go with the one who has the least/no logo in the screen...its pretty annoying
  14. Edburg

    Which Phone To buy Now?

    since u r into web browsing choose one with bigger screen... and since u require loads of 3rd party apps,choose symbian or win-mo phones.. i think n95-8 gb is ur best bet....i am not sure of the various win-mo models...check them out the 5800 shud satisfy all ur requirements but u wud...
  15. Edburg

    N96 with only 950mAh battery???!!!!

    @ dreamcatcher....somehow what ever u say just doesnt make sense... just try answer to the point and not write ur stories..blh blah... evryone knows which phone excels in features and which is just a marketing gimmick..i am out of here....
  16. Edburg

    N96 with only 950mAh battery???!!!!

    ever wondered y u r the only one supporting SE in every nokia vs SE discussion ?? honestly ever since the intro of walkman and cybershot phones,SE has been lackluster in perofrmnace...and is a sinking ship now y wud they price a flagship phone for ~22k when they already have other phones at...
  17. Edburg

    N96 with only 950mAh battery???!!!!

    hey listen...i am not against C905 at all...just that other than the camera i find the n79 or so have better features than that...the most important being symbian.. honeslty i dont find much difernece bw 3.2 MP and 5 MP pics in my 720p monitor...but i will go for 8 mp if price difference is...
  18. Edburg

    N96 with only 950mAh battery???!!!!

    AFAIK n79/n85 are smart phones and trump the c905 in all aspects except the camera....and even that only wiht higher resolution i dont think people will see the difference in thier paltry 720p resolution monitors... going for n85/n79 are quoted by krazzy better display Slimmer, lighter,3.5mm...
  19. Edburg

    Any other tech forum besides this one?

    does anyone know a good real estate kind of team-bhp is for automobiles...
  20. Edburg

    Intel Core i7 Processor Models and Pricing Revealed!

    i heard because of reduction in L2 cache,games performance will not improve comared to penryn.... also doesnt 130 W seem a bit too much ?? adding to the price of the procy itself,the DDR3 RAM shud command a very high price and the new socket the idea of a reasonably not so...
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