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  1. techx

    ** Post all your BSNL Broadband Related Queries Here **

    How many days does it take to get broadband connection in kerela ( I am from kannur) anyone from kerela having BB pls answer quickly
  2. techx

    ** Post all your BSNL Broadband Related Queries Here **

    how many GB of data can one download( average) on the following conn. (preferably using utorrent) home500 (between 2am to 8am) UL 750 ( downloads running whole day)
  3. techx

    Customs duty on Laptops\notebooks

    Thank u man.... I was confused but it is OK now
  4. techx

    Customs duty on Laptops\notebooks

    It is sure that I will have to return back to U.A.E after the vacation. So will I have to face the problem again when I carry my lappy back here. And r u ppl sure that laptops with battery inside will be allowed to be carried inside a plane. once when my uncle and family was undergoing the...
  5. techx

    Customs duty on Laptops\notebooks

    Actually u ppl r confusing me more It is anyway clear that the lappy will cost more than 25K . It will almost cross even 40K. And will they allow us to carry lappy in our handbag as there is a rule that no one is allowed to carry a battery or such things in aircrafts( even batteries in...
  6. techx

    Customs duty on Laptops\notebooks

    I plan to get a laptop from Dubai( U.A.E) while coming back to India for my vacation But I am confused whether the customs people will interfere and make me pay the TAX for bringing the lappy to India. Is it true that they will charge the tax as the machine is being imported and expensive...
  7. techx

    CBSE Board Results To Be Announced

    Best of luck.......
  8. techx

    Which broadband to use??

    r u frm kerela. How much does one have to pay per month [incl tax and stuff ] By tax I mean 750+ ???? = 1month
  9. techx

    BSNL Unlimited broadband

    What are the extra taxes and how much will be the total amount we will have to pay( including modem) What if we purchase modem from outside ( how much will the modem cost)
  10. techx

    BSNL Unlimited Broadband tariffs to reduce by 20% & new 512k UL Plan

    How much does they charge for modem now and how much will it cost if we buy modem seperately & how we have to pay monthly( incl tax modem charge and other misc) BTW I want the tariff plan implemented in kerela ......Before reading this thread I posted another thread illustrating the same...
  11. techx

    Your Wallpaper

    SOme of u guys r going on with really sexy celebrity wallpapers . I wonder what u people do when ur parents see the chicks in ur desktop
  12. techx

    BSNL Unlimited broadband

    Recently I have heard that Bsnl reduced the tariff for unlimited broadband. How much actually we have to pay if get a conn. now. I am asking about home plan not bussiness PS: BTW how much we want to pay for modem and for new conn. registration I plan to take a new conn. soon so please do post...
  13. techx

    Vishal Gupta .... Unmasked!!!!!!

    If the photos shown above r real He is really a handsome troubleshooter
  14. techx

    MY LIFE AT STAKE !!! fingers crossed... clock's ticking...

    WTF Just Look at his age... friends. He is just 21 years old and most probably would not have even got a serious source of income yet. How the hell is he going to raise the family if he does not have the support of atleast his family
  15. techx

    Cheers to GX

    GX we expect more updates for that thread
  16. techx

    Graphics Workstation need help ?

    ^^ Great config . I am sure it is the best
  17. techx

    My Lab Workstation

  18. techx

    Mcp site not accessible

    Thank GOD after lots of mails to MS they finally ordered my welcome kit. They and me tried a lot to get access to site but all went waste. So they told they will look my transcript and replied they already sent the kit. I am waiting for the arrival . Anyway Thanks to all of u guys for ur...
  19. techx

    Cheers to GX

    congrats Gx It was great
  20. techx

    My Lab Workstation

    @gx_gaurav what is ur job profile man... u seem to be too rich anyway that is a cool machine u got there
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