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  1. saggygenius

    9600GT SLi Benchmarks , BEWARE( 3870X2) ! ! !

    Well after the launch of the 3870X2 card weeks ago , there was a much hype over it , to be the best card available which gives a kickass performance . But hey , It seems like everything in vain . I just looked ohe benchies for comparison of the 9600SLI & 3870X2. The 1st benchies i.e 3D marks...
  2. saggygenius

    MOBO for Intel 478 pin CPU

    well , when u get to work on vista , then u will come to know that wat's bad & wat's good,
  3. saggygenius

    MOBO for Intel 478 pin CPU

    dont waste money buying a 478 mobo, thats useless, upgrade ur PC, with a AM2 processor with onboard gfx, please mention ur budget , if u want the config,
  4. saggygenius

    Help for mobo-cpu combo and rest config.

    1stly AMD config Athlon 64 X2 4800+ cost 6600Rs, jetway M2A692-GDG cost 3400Rs intel would be intel E4300 cost 4800Rs, motherboard XFX 650i ultra 5.5K to 6K, or ASUS P5N E SLi 7K, both have same chipset but the asus one is a SLi one, about the rest config, cabinet peace with 500 WATT smps...
  5. saggygenius

    Help me in selecting an AGP graphics card for my friend

    ha ha, u got 6200 for 3.1k, now it's available for 1.9K, (see how cheap the hardware is getting these days) anyways about the GFx card, get a 7600GS , it would be around5 to 6K, it's the best u can get in that category,
  6. saggygenius

    800mb into 700mb disc?

    use tools like WIN UHA,or KGB compressor, these are the high compression tools , better than WIN ZIP & winrar, try them, hey the file size is 834 MB right, so try burning the file using the overburning option in nero, or else use the above tool, [b]P.S:-the compression takes a lot of...
  7. saggygenius

    Good mobo for C2D

    hey i think ur confused, see ur statement, u said a bit better or at par, you might be true about XP, But come on not on vista, not a chance, & BTw if ur having 8600Gt please mention how it's performing, i wanna see the real world test results,
  8. saggygenius

    Good mobo for C2D

    yet another sufferer of the intel 965 i need to overclock , thats clockgen overclocking is the crazyest thing to do in life, no overclocking is as safe as BIOS, guys i was telling bout the intel mobo's not the other mobo's , all other mobo's are good(except p5B vm) , & come on guys, are...
  9. saggygenius

    Good mobo for C2D

    i m not misguiding anybody here, if anybody dont wanna listen ,then thats their choice, anyways , anydays the other mobos are better,
  10. saggygenius

    Good mobo for C2D

    yeah my boy thats the naked truth of intel :p
  11. saggygenius

    Good mobo for C2D

    ha ha intel is not making the overcloking supported mobo's cause they are not giving any warrenty after overclocking, thats common sense , not bol bachchan giri
  12. saggygenius

    Good mobo for C2D

    ha ha.. . then why to buy a C2D, C2D's are meant for overclocking, if anybody dont want to overclock then AM2 is the way to go, why to waste money ;)
  13. saggygenius

    Suggest new PC config for my uncle??

    again , intel counterparts are not good enough as compared to the n force chipset based mobo's , also taking into consideration if he wants to upgrade the processor, the nforce chipset with 1333MHz max fsb would be any day better than the intel mobo, BTw nice quote by ur dad :rolleyes:
  14. saggygenius

    Good mobo for C2D

    i haven't said all the 965 mobo's i have specified the ones which are useless, see the intel onboard gfx sux totally, also there is no overclocking options available in those mobos (excluding P5B VM which has limited overclocking capability) features are absent which are on the...
  15. saggygenius

    The next big thing

    hmmmmmm. . . lemme see a PSP phone would be the gr8 news, :p
  16. saggygenius

    Suggest new PC config for my uncle??

    ahem ahem . . . INTEL 965 with E6320 , intel mobos sux bigtime it will bottleneck the system , not worth a buy for C2D the one i have mentioned is way better than 965 , & 400 watt cabinet is not good enough to handle the system , it should be atleast 500watt,
  17. saggygenius

    Good mobo for C2D

    intel 965 mobo is a strict no no for a C2D processor, it will bottleneck your PC's performance for sure, u can go for ASUS 650i ultra which costs around 5.5K, but hey no onboard gfx with this mobo , but performance is good, get a ceap gfx card like 6200 for temporary soultions , will cost...
  18. saggygenius

    Suggest Processor and motherboard combination

    aha atleast 20K. . . good budget Go for the intel E6700 for 16K, & ASUS P5N E SLi for 7K, thats a gr8 CPU for your editing needs, also go with atleast 1*2 GB DDR2 667mhz ram which would copst you 3800rs,
  19. saggygenius

    Plz help, for upgrade budget: 15~16k

    BTW you should have gone for the 690 G chipset based mobo, which is having better onboard gfx as well as HDMI support & u could have got the jetway 690G chipset based mobo for 3400Rs, sorry u missed the shot
  20. saggygenius

    Is it true?

    ^ ^ ^ nope not core2duo's only quad cores, C2D's are planned to drop on sep , not in july reffer for more details
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