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  1. deadpulse

    Help to name my website..!

    Hi, I am looking for help to decide my website name. I hope you people can suggest some good names. Here below is the brief of what website is going to be. 1. My portfolio. 2. My Treks and Travel. 3. History. 4. My views and writings. (poems, articles etc.) 5. Technology.. (my...
  2. deadpulse

    Need RSS Reader

    Buddy, I have the RSS Reader it's feedonfeeds reader. It works well too. But, I need help in modifying that PHP code which is quite strange looking. I am not able to understand which is what? and what is which? It contains MYSQL database which I understood. I just need to publish feeds like...
  3. deadpulse

    Need RSS Reader

    I need a RSS Reader to put on my website to display latest News from the websites I will subscribe. I have feed on feeds reader you can find it here on which is free to use. I am looking for a different reader for website just to show Headlines of the news on my news page and...
  4. deadpulse

    I want to create a slideshow

    Hello guys, I want to create a slideshow on the website built in PHP. I am trying to do so. I have made an back-end admin panel to update the website contents where i want to add a events gallery. I've written a code to upload images to the gallery directory but, i don't know how to write a...
  5. deadpulse

    Review new website

    I have just uploaded a website <link removed> It states the full name as Binary Lines. This is actually a software and web designing website. I just would like to know from you people what do you say about design of the website. Please visit the whole website and let me know if there is any...
  6. deadpulse

    MS WORD 2007 Speech to Text .....

    You will need a sound proof room to record your initial pronounce. Else it will create problems.
  7. deadpulse

    Hey I Want Which Is The Best Os

    Are you serious ?? That you really don't know any OS called Linux?
  8. deadpulse

    How to Extract .bin / .cue

    USe Win RAR it supports .cue and .bin images.
  9. deadpulse

    Firewire related Problem

    Install the camcorder pc drivers.
  10. deadpulse

    Microsoft Vitual PC

    Looking at your config it is not normal that it takes so much time to install on your system. There must be some issue. Why don't you try installing Ubuntu Edgy edition on your system instead of SUSE. It will take hardly 15-20 mins. That will clear what exactly the problem is.
  11. deadpulse


    Broadcast will be of poor quality so better to add TV Tuner card to PC for watching Indian channels.
  12. deadpulse

    Computer hangs immediately after start up..

    First thing to do is remove unnecessary applications from startup using msconfig command in Run. Then, reboot the system and observe the time span for startup. Then scan the system by anti-virus in safe mode and heal all the threats found on system. If this is your virus problem then scanning...
  13. deadpulse

    Hey I Want Which Is The Best Os

    Linux on the top.. King of all. Then comes MAC. Then Windows anything... whatever.
  14. deadpulse

    File cannot transfer or copy

    There should be some bad sectors on your drive. Check it using its official DISk Manager.
  15. deadpulse

    CD Write Problem

    LG writers are pain in the arse so best option is not to buy them.
  16. deadpulse

    100% cpu while copying images folder

    No it does not utilize so much memory while copying just images. Then no matters how big your file is. There must be some process boosting on the background which makes your CPU utilization 100%. Check your utilization while no application is running. It should be 0% - 3% only. If it goes above...
  17. deadpulse

    BIOS Help Needed????

    Did the BIOS flashing process completed successfully?
  18. deadpulse

    Pen Drive does not show up in Windows XP SP2

    In SP2 goto System Device Manager and try scanning for new hardware. That may help you.
  19. deadpulse

    recover word file

    I agree with it. I have recovered many files using the same software. But, just download the latest version so that it will be having support to NTFS systems.
  20. deadpulse


    * download 540 free fonts on this website and post your comments in guestbook.
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