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    Windows xp security update KB2686509

    It is not possible to install Security Update for Windows XP (KB2686509). Anybody please suggest a solution?
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    Unread messages in MSOutlook

    I'm using 2 login accounts , one as admin. In admin login all inbox mail items been read and there are no unread items in unread folder. But still it shows there are "15 unread messages" in login screen of admin. Please anybody can guide to solve this problem.
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    Gnome crash in Opensuse11.0

    1)How to overcome/recover from Gnome crash in OPENSUSE11.0? 2)Can Gnome and KDE be used in the same booting session in OPENSUSE11.0? Please anybody ........
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    Error message at GNOME DESKTOP in OPENSUSE11.0

    After desktop screen appears, an message "An internal error has occured - Packman Repository : Valid metadata not found at specified URLs" comes. Can anyone clarify?
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    Price of DDR SDRAM

    Please anybody let me know the price of DDR SDRAM 512 MB (64bit,184 pin module unbuffered non-ECC PC2700/2100, 333mhz.
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    How to configure dialup connection in openSUSE11.0

    I am using d-link internal modem (56k) in my dual booting (winxp/openSUSE11.0) compaq presario 1105IL system. I want to configure dial-up connection in openSUSE11.0 with my internal modem. Anybody please guide........
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    Vlc Media Player No Audio

    I Can't identify the message.
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    Vlc Media Player No Audio

    Audio not coming after installing VLC Media player in openSUSE 11.0. Anybody guide/help.....
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    Dual booting win xp & Linux

    I am having 40 gb hdd as primary & 160 gb hdd as secondary. I have installed win xp in primary hdd and partitioned 60 gb from secondary hdd for use with windows.(primary hdd devoted full with win xp with two partitions c: drive and d: drive). Now I want to install linux in the remaining portion...
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    fefora 7 - ACPI:Unable to turn cooling device [c1e8bdec] on message comes

    After installing fedora 7 (all packages from digit july/2007 dvd) the following message comes frequently "ACPI: Unable to turn cooling device [c1e8bdec] on" while logging in as text mode. In graphical mode this message is not coming. My system config:- Compaq 1105IL [ Asus kelut Mother board,40...
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    Adding A Harddrive Will Affect The Performance ?

    My System Ic Compaq Presario 1105il (amd Athlon Xp 2400+) With 40 Gb Hard Drive. Now I Want To Add One More Harddrive As Slave With 160 Gb Capacity. Will It Affect The Performance Of The System Or Affect The Cooling Effect Of The System? Why I Am Asking This Question Is The System Is A Branded...
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    RHL 8.0:Respawning too fast.

    Thank you ~phenom~. But please guide me what to do to solve this problem at present. Please...
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    RHL 8.0:Respawning too fast.

    I am using RH linux 8.0. When I rebooted the system graphical login not came. message "Init id:x Respawning too fast disabled for 5 minutes" coming. Eventhough i changed the init run level to 3 from 5 the same message comes. I cannot get into x-windows. Can anybody give me a solution Please...?
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    rcp command in linux

    I am using linux 8.0. When rcp command is used to copy files from one linux system to another linux system (both are connected ) command hangs and I have to press ctrl-c to come to $ prompt. I have already created /etc/hosts.equiv with valid hostname and user name. Please anybody give me a hint...
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    call rates in sancharnet connection

    i am the new user of sancharnet connection(dial up). what is the pulse rate(call rate) during night time / during national holidays / sundays while using internet/e-mail? please ....
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    my sql book

    Thanks to all!!
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    my sql book

    I am beginner in learning MYSQL. can anybody suggest me a book/website for free downloads for learning MYSQL
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    new font installation option not found in fonts/file menu

    font installation option not found in font/file mene(windows98). anybody please guide me.
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