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    F&D W330BT vs any other model between 4-8k

    Hi Guys, I am in search of a good 2.1/5/1 speaker system whci hcan deliver best sound of its range priced between 4-8k. Recently on Croma store I got through F&D W330BT which is quite powerful and had clear & crisp sound range. Additionally it was having Bluetooth to support...
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    Need good Sound system for my TV/Laptop/HTC One X/Blue-Ray DVD Player

    My Budget is 2k to 8k but could vary if good option is suggested.
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    Need good Sound system for my TV/Laptop/HTC One X/Blue-Ray DVD Player

    Hi Guys, I know there have been n number of posts in this forum discussing about low end to high end speaker systems and seriously I have gone through a lot of them + a lot of threads from other forums too but still confused. Actually I want a speaker set which could accomodate my TV ( AOC 40"...
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    Need to buy good speaker system for mY SONY LCD

    Hi Guys, M planning to buy good speaker system for my SONY BRAVIA LCD TV. It could be either a compact or home theatre and my budget is negotiable from range of 5k to 25k. But they should best in range for Music. My purpose is only for Music , Music & Music. Could you please suggest a...
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    What to ask from friend to bring returning from US???

    Hi Guys, My friend is returning from US and I want help from you guys in deciding that what will be the best bargain to get fron there. I have tried many things comparing but m confused now as all the things are now more or less in same price range in India. So could you guys plz helpme out...
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    Please suggest !Want To buy a Mobile?

    This is what exactly I would also recommend. I bought this gadget around a week ago at 17k from Irla market, Mumbai and its perfect snartphone for me. Actually its the best durable smartphone of its own class. Why I am saing this to you is becase this device is water resistant, scratch...
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    Help Choosing Best Split Air Conditioner

    What's the price of Hitachi Ace Follow me 1.2 T...... In here @ Japiur m getting it for 35k vt all services+installation+maintenance for 1 year.
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    Help Choosing Best Split Air Conditioner

    After reading & visiting a hell lot of reviews and forums I am settling in for HITACHI ACE FOllow me........It has everything in it......durability,less power consumption,less noise(a v big factor after some time), cools pretty efficiently.......
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    Suggestion Required : Android in 25K Range

    If you are in so hurry and wanna purchase the best then go for Samsung Google Nexus S : Best phone in your budget empowered with Android v2.3 and front camera which is lacking now a days in most of the devices. Rest of the h/w is pretty much similar to iphone 4. The only thing which is a...
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    Suggestion Required : Android in 25K Range

    Just wait if you can for around 1 month...........All the major brands have announced their 2011-12 goals and its pretty clear tht cold-war has begun. The biggest brand APPLE's announcement is due in June 1st week and if they announce the launch of IPHONE 4 successor then its a must wait and...
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    best 5.1 speakers

    y isn't ny1 recomending "ALTEC LANSING"?
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    [URGENT Help Required] Best Air Conditioner?

    thanks a lot for youe help guys. I am settling for Hitachi.
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    [URGENT Help Required] Best Air Conditioner?

    Hi, I compared the prices today but HITACHI if far too expensive for my budget. My budget is 20-25k/1.2-1.5L. I can expand it to 5k more but what's the best option I should go for? Please help...............
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    Apple Ipod Touch 3g or 4g ?

    Go for 4G dude........... best buy
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    [URGENT Help Required] Best Air Conditioner?

    Hi Guys, I am in search of a good A.C (Split). Could you please suggest me the best one's. My requirements are like : Fast cooling(As I am from rajasthan & normal temp varies from 44-48) Low Electricity consumption (5 star BEE rated) Long Run (Best suitable brand which provides least...
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    Dell Inspiron M501R vs Inspiron 15R : Which to prefer

    thanks a lot guys for all your help. It was a great help n i sincerely appreciate that. I have bought Toshiba L650 X310 lappy......fullly rigged @ 51K
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    Buying laptop nxt week,help me Hp or sony?

    Even I am looking for the same answer guys. And it looks like I5 + 5650 combo is available with HP DV6 only as of now within decent budget. Might this 1 help you. HP Pavilion DV6516TX Price – 49,000/- HP Pavilion DV2401TU Price – 45,000/- HP Pavilion DV9502AU Price – 39,000/- HP...
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    Dell Inspiron M501R vs Inspiron 15R : Which to prefer

    Thanks a lot guys for your suggestions. @teknoPhobia : How dod you find the new laptop dude......means how its working and does it has HDMI port? @Sam.Shab, Thanks a lot for adding that info. I have come across some other brands apart from DELL like HP DV6 , Lenovo Y series & SONY VIAO E...
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    Dell Inspiron M501R vs Inspiron 15R : Which to prefer

    hi Guys, I am planning to buy a multimedia laptop this festive season but am totally confused now. I want a gig with good HD graphics + HDMI port + sensual gaming & mostly i wud use it for HD movie viewing. DELL has launched a new Inspiron M501 series with AMD chipsets. Could you please...
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    Help Me Building A New Config.............

    thnx guys as m a noobie in all thiz h/w thingie i was just wondering if comparing both t options for processor which is good INTEL vs AMD AMD is cheaper thn INTEL but more trusted id INTel I have heard from a frn who took a AMD pc ---- he alwayz used to say grpx prblm in tht--------wat shud...
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