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    problem using ubuntu.

    Try typing gdm3
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    Bricked nexus 10? Help Me

    Yeah, if it is still stuck, flash the ROM back. (how?) 1. Install USB drivers. 2. Download ODIN. 3. Download this file and unzip it using WinRAR. 4. Load the files in ODIN (files have names, choose corresponding ones in ODIN) 5. Boot the phone in recovery - Shut down. Press volume down + home +...
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    need help people.... nexus 5 exe problem..

    You sure that they are not in your internal SD? Use Airdroid or Wireless Data Cable or something like that to transfer it over wifi
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    Need Help.

    What you need to do is- 1. Get the USB drivers for your tab. 2. Install ADB - look around on google, you'll get it. 3. Connect USB and change directory to ADB folder. 4. type "adb reboot recovery" in the command prompt. 5. Do a factory data reset - you can do that once recovery mode boots up by...
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    Not able to connect my nexus 10 to wifi[Tethered using nokia e6-joku)

    Android dosen't support ad-hoc Root your phone HOW?? Please ask me
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    Micromax A110 with Android ICS has stopped downloading apps

    Factory Reset DO:- 1. Hold volume - button and home button 2. Press power button 3. Using volume - button go to clear flash 4. Problem Solved !!BACKUP DATA FIRST!!
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