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    Laptop for student. 30k-40k

    Asus VivoBook will come around 40k
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    Software Price Estimation

    Is it like website creation ?
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    Need career advice, what to do after 10th

    You have completed 10th so why don't you do diploma in computer science later this might fetch you some good job
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    Sony Xperia Z:: The best Mobile till date??

    Sony Xperia Z model looks trendy and attractive are they water and dust resistant,when they are getting released in india.
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    Can you tell me a good tablet?

    Either Apple iPad Mini 16 GB or Microsoft Surface Windows RT 32GB
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    Layout Conventions

    If you use one (&) symbol then it should satisfy both the condition ,like wise if it is (&&) symbol either one should be satisfied.
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    Lumia 820 or htc 8s?

    Nokia lumia 920 you will get around 36k but i do no about 820.I think you should wait for 820
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    Xperia S Unboxing

    It looks great & nice pics dude Congz:-D
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    Thoughts on Apple iPhone 5

    Hi karthik not too much difference in the price for Apple iPhone 5 but any way i got the following links when i was searching for this product In Tradus Apple iPhone 5 for 45800 In Grabmore Best Price for Apple iPhone 5 for 45500
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    Please help on programming/software/mysql

    I have also tried in developing like this kind of application but in that i have used java with JDBC connector & MySql
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    how to burn DVD to play in DVD player

    I too use Nero software for burning process ,that's a nice one to go with .:wink:
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    Thoughts on Apple iPhone 5

    I like Apple products ,so i decided to buy iPhone 5 before that i would like to know your views regarding this product :-o
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    My new CPU cooler: Corsair H80

    Congrats,nice one dude:-D
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    what laptop can i buy?

    Try Asus VivoBook,hope you will like it ,but i do no whether you are satisfied with the price :razz: Check link : Asus VivoBook
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    Please tell me the sequence to learn programming ?

    It is better to join in some institute for getting certification in particular programming language ,first you have to know the basic of programming language as you are in 8 standard ,then start learning c,c++.
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    Need help regarding final year project

    Teachers have to guide students to select a project ,now a days they are asking to buy projects from centers :-(
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    Apple ipod Touch 32GB [5 Generation] Unboxing..

    Congrats, Great product & nice pics .Enjoy Man :-D
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    Multiple Items - some giving rebirth to a machine

    Blue dart is doing a great job :-D
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    Making a website

    I think you learned very quickly ,not bad .If you want to do a big business ,there are people you will provide you website when you pay them.
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    Suggestion Box

    you can improve the look or design of your website:wink:
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