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    the HP dv6-6017tx, 6121tx, 6140tx and dv6-6165tx thread

    @Shivesk.kumar03 @samudragupta I had similar cracks near the front speakers. HP replaced my Laptop's base enclosure under Accidental Damage protection.
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    the HP dv6-6017tx, 6121tx, 6140tx and dv6-6165tx thread

    Dear Rider, I have F.1A BIOS and I have no issues in selecting Fixed mode in the BIOS, I can also manually select the GPU, within windows, hence I didnot bother to update to F.1B. However I am interested now because of the UEFI installation mode of Win 8.., thought F.1B might be required...
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    the HP dv6-6017tx, 6121tx, 6140tx and dv6-6165tx thread

    Hi, Anyone updated their BIOS to F.1B? is there any significant benefit from F.1A? Also does any one know if 6165tx supports UEFI installation mode for WIN 8 INFO on UEFI WIN 8..UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 8 with
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    Which is the BEST DNS for Dataone Baoadband

    try this.. namebench - Open-source DNS Benchmark Utility - Google Project Hosting
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    the HP dv6-6017tx, 6121tx, 6140tx and dv6-6165tx thread

    @RIDER.. since you are on win 8 pro and your laptop is a 6165tx, could you let me know if you are able to play high end games with out any problems as in win 7? are there any other issues that you would like to point out? i want to move to Win 8, however i dont want to dual boot, i just...
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    Beat broadband out there????

    sorry, but the first response that I got from my contact is that there is no reliance connection facility in Kestopur.. but on Insisting he said he will follow up and let me know.. Do you know if anyone is using reliance broadband in Kestopur? Thanks, Saurav
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    Delete Widows XP without reformat !!

    it will delete all other partitions if those are extended ones. If they are independent of the C drive, it wont get deleted.. it all depends on the OP's current partition layout.
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    Beat broadband out there????

    Hey Mario, I live near the Airport, PK guha Road Area.., I got my connection through a local sales agent who approached me while I was on the Road.. I also took the address of the local service guys for any trouble that I face.. It is better if you can get hold of any reliance sales people in...
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    the HP dv6-6017tx, 6121tx, 6140tx and dv6-6165tx thread

    my laptop (6165tx) has a AMD GPU (6770m)and F12012 runs perfectly fine.. getting 45-50 FPS in ultra settings, 80-90 FPS in mixed settings.. I play the game at a stretch for 4hrs - 5hrs without any problems whatsoever.. as mentioned above I have no problems running F1 2012 in my 6165tx.. i...
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    Beat broadband out there????

    i am using reliance broadband for the past 2 years with out any modem or router. it is a cable with a ethernet plug at the end of it which you can directly put into the ethernet port of your computer or in a wireless router if you wan use wirelessly.. and yes you need to login manually every...
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    the HP dv6-6017tx, 6121tx, 6140tx and dv6-6165tx thread

    Thanks Prashant... I will try installing those drivers..
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    APC UPS. not working

    Try turning on the UPS without the battery.. and see what happens..
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    the HP dv6-6017tx, 6121tx, 6140tx and dv6-6165tx thread

    I want to install Windows 8 pro in my laptop HP 6165tx, but did not since no drivers are available yet on HP website.. could you please let me know what drivers would I need to install apart from the ones that get automatically installed and where can I get them for Win 8. Also what about HP...
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    ATI Radeon HD 7670m showing as Intel HD Grapics 3000 - HP Paviion G6-2206TX

    Hi Sagarsoni, Don't worry your laptop's graphics is working fine. the thing with dual graphics(Intel HD +ATI/AMD Radeon) laptop is that they have 2 modes (setting in BIOS) as follows. 1> Dynamic mode - where the laptop automatically chooses the best Graphics card according to the...
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    Need a good laptop under 35k... for normal usage and gaming.

    HP Pavilion G6-2010AX Laptop (APU Quad Core A8/ 6GB/ 1TB/ DOS/ 1.5GB Graph): Compare, Review HP Notebook
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    the HP dv6-6017tx, 6121tx, 6140tx and dv6-6165tx thread

    Exactly the reason I (am) was a HP fan..I had HP replaced the LCD & keyboard of my old laptop couple of years ago.. Had a compaq desktop. had replaced ODD free of charge and promptly.. and what do you all think of "Intravo Solutions" from which I have purchased extanded warrantyfor my HP...
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    the HP dv6-6017tx, 6121tx, 6140tx and dv6-6165tx thread

    REDINGTON SERVICE (KOLKATA) CUSTOMER SUPPORT (ONSITE) ( HP ADP CLAIM PROCESS)-- WORST..PURE HARRASMENT OF CUSTOMER. I have a HP 6165tx laptop. The border frame (near the front right speaker) is broken in my laptop due to an minor accident.. I logged a warranty claim with HP customer support...
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    Poor Jokes Thread

    I heard a friend was addicted to brake fluid...i confronted him and told him my concern for his health...he said not to worry..he could stop any time...
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    Compaq Presario C308TU - XP installing help

    "It Can" or "It Cant" find the Harddisk? If it can't find the harddisk, it is because the laptop has SATA enabled Harddisks and the XP CD you are using doesn't have SATA drivers. you have two options: 1> try disabling SATA by going into the BIOS, and then proceed installing XP, OR...
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