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    Soundmagic ES 18 from Pepperfry.Com

    Longtime user of ES18 and I recently ordered two black and green sets from Pepperfry as the price was good. But the wires on the sets that arrived are significantly cheaper feeling than my old earphones. And the green is also way brighter. Is this a change from Soundmagic or have I recieved...
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    Hey, has anyone bought speakers from this website? I badly want a pair of Swans, even though a pair of M-10s are way too costly at around 9k plus shipping. And the website is also down a lot of the time. So, is it reliable? Please do share if you have bought/tried to buy something from this...
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    The Forty Seven Thousand Six Hundred and Eighty Third Speaker Thread.......

    Yes. This is yet another speaker thread. I need a set of speakers purely for music. I easily spend at least twelve hours a day doing just that. And I don't need bass thats gonna send me off to ass thumpin frenzyville. I do to some electronica but major chunks are gonna be rock and metal...
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    Need new earphones

    Thanks for the link! I also ordered a pair. Final price - 379. Date of Delivery - 31st July. Fingahs crawssed now.
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