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    403 Forbidden ..???

    i have checked that site. It offers free 3GB email account !!!! :shock: I am on a 2mbps leased line from bsnl and behind a proxy and WebSence is enabled. Still i am able to brouse (Grrrrrrr.... Here WebSence filtered everything...
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    I Bet u ll solve this..

    It is very difficult to change the boot partion letter i.e C. XP does not allow you to change this. Other drive letter can be changed easily. Take care for installed program path.
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    please shutup

    check this link to solve shutdown issue *;en-us;238096 I think reinstalling windows is easier than this link :D
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    please shutup

    I got the same problem. I have to re install win98. i dont know exact soln. may be some registry problem.
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    Remote CD writing

    Thankx GameAddict. Its a good linking. I allready downloaded the trial version of NeroNet and will check it shortly. As mentioned by tuxfan IP capable intranet means local lan with ip address. Not netbeu type. For CD Writer Server I have to assign a fixed IP address
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    D865GBF cpu speed problems

    Post the detail reasult obtained from Intel Processor frequency ID utility. Particularly of CPUID DATA Tab. Including Stepping processor details etc. Since this is the only authenticate programme to detect exact frequency of an Intel CPU. I think your mother board is Original Intel D865GBF...
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    ???is SOMEONE WATCHING????

    Back of the CPU means?? are you switched off that black switch located in SMPS, just next to SMPS fan ? In that case its not possible to power on the pc remotely! For WOL its requires a stand by +5V power to make the pc on. But if you off that black switch then Stand-by power goes off. So...
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    403 Forbidden ..???

    Assume that you are using dial-up connection. Check few simple things - Try to access that site without proxy. I you are able to do so then its your proxy setting problem. Check the configuration of proxy particularly URL filter. some proxy come with pre defined URL filter, may be that...
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    Remote CD writing

    Thankx Tuxfan for this idea using nero and network drive. I have allready check this issue before posting this topic. Actually when Nero starts it scan all channels including ide,scsi,usb etc if there is any cd drive attached. For Network map device it treats as just normal drive. As...
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    how to make autorun cd of any software

    1. Click Start and select Run 2. Type gpedit.msc and click ok 3. Go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Template >System 4. Locate Disable Auto Play or Turn Autoplay Off 5. Enable it
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    Remote CD writing

    Yeh. Thats right. But if i choose low speed wrting say 2x or 4x then i can address this issue coz my network is 100 Mbps switched with full duplex . Other wise if i got a software such that it has two part one server and other agent, when i submit writing job to agent it sends all data to sever...
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    windows longhorn????

    Check this link *
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    My Motherboard Doesn't Show Fan Speed !.

    Check the processor heat sink for any loose or air gap between processor and heat sink metal. Normaly in ideal mode, processor temp should be below 45c You didnot mentioned environment/cabinet temp. Generaly ten degree diffrence between processor and cbainet temp remains for a closed cabinet...
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    Virus Definition

    Re: Virus Definations v/s New Versions of Anti-virus You have to upgrade your antivirus other wise Symantech, Macfee blah..blah..goin for Bank Ruptacy... :) actually vendor provides updates of engine or defnation file for one or two year for a particular engine. example if you have...
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    Problem with Seagate Barracuda

    Aleena, You can do following things - Put your Hard drives in primary ide controller and optical drives in secondary. Coz Primary support UDMA100 mode and 80 conductors cable where as secondary generally support PIo standard. Result - you can use full potential of new barracuda drive...
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    Remote CD writing

    Hi All Is there any software to write files from local hardisk to remote cd writer? Let me thing clear. I have two pc connected with 100mb switch network. One pc running windows 2k pro and other Windows 2000 server with sp4. I have a cd writer installed at Windows 2000 server pc. Now i...
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    BIOS aperture size????

    Thats a great link. thanks digen
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    How to connect home computer via modem & use of web cam?

    You can connect with your home computer. For this you have to set Home computer as Server - to answer your modem call- and your office computer as client - originate the cal. While configuring your home computer- create a user with dialup permission for logon from office. You can bring your...
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    BIOS aperture size????

    Check this link. It might be helpful *
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    BIOS aperture size????

    Which BIOS and Motherboard you have ?
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