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    [By Demand] Fast Track Topics

    cloud computing.
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    Microsoft's Secret Tablet

    wow really cool gadget!!!
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    Microsoft to launch free security software today!

    hope it will be having more control n kill less resources. but i dont thing it wl help much :D
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    Slow Internet?..use pigeon!!

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    Microsoft to unveil free anti-virus software

    funny anti virus :)
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    Are you going touchscreen in October?

    thats great... thanks for sharing
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    Announcing the Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program & Windows 7 Pricing

    wt about old use/ buyer of sucking vista??? r they going to get any benefit??
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    Frogs married off in Nagpur to invite rains

    it happens only in india. <a href="*" target="_blank"><img src="*" border=0 ></a>
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    IAS officer caught with his pants down in office

    disgusting... such persons should be heavily punished. doent even care about his own efforts n responsibility to get in chair of IAS
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    Singer Michael Jackson dies at 50

    he was king of pop truly....
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    Girl refuses marriage, killed by lover

    stupid boy victim of love n frustration. wasted his life...
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    orkut scrap problem on teashark browser

    hi friends, as we all know teashark is well known browser for airtel free browsing. well since launch of i am unable to send scrap from the browser i have tried all versions of teashark but none of them worked. problem is when i click on post scrap then it opens my scrap book...
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    goin to Buy lappy....

    dell ofcorse.... select xps or inspiron as per ur choice.
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    Google's Open Source Browser: Google Chrome

    chrome is cooool..... but i will stil prefer ie!!
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    Bsnl Broadband Speed Change

    i am also facing same problem but some of my friends having 750 ul plan can download torrents at 256kb ps just like 500 plan. they says its bcoz of bsnl modem, (tr previous plan was 500 )and they all use windows xp they have tried some winsock xp software to open ports. u also try...
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    How to create a restoration disk?

    thats right !! use norton ghost.
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    window mobile programming

    any laguage supported by visual studio
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    cd rom not responding

    i have hp 2122tu notebook. the laptop has got wierd problem, when i start notebook cd rom gets detected even after loading windows i can see it in devicee manager, when i put some cd/dvd then cd rom does not play it and if i double click on the icon then it says 'there is no disk in drive please...
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    IVRS system/windows speech server

    thanks for ur help ,can u tell me softwares or SDK require to dev. such application????
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    IVRS system/windows speech server

    hi... can u guyes tell me abt logicx behind this IVRS system and is it possible to develop and impliment such system on my pc with windows xp os. i know abt asterik bt i dont want linux os. also i read from wikipedia that MS provides this microsoft speech srever for such IVRS,DTMF apps, has any...
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