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    Nokia versus Sony Ericsson

    says who? the se t610 is a very good phone. its offers bluetooth, ir , 65 k colors and much much more all at a low price of less than 9k. ok its quite sluggish and might get stuck at times, but still its the best sub 9k phone around
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    Does lots of ram mean more frame rates

    well i had asked for 512 mb of ddr 400 ram. My vendor duped me. When i tried dialing him up, the number did not exist... typical indian stiry
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    Blood Rayne 2 releasing on October

    blood rayne could have been a real cool game if the devlopers gave a little importance to gameplay and not on $ex appeal. The moves in the game were simply cool. The graphics wasnt anything great but acceptable. A little modifications could have made blood rayne a great success. BTW has the...
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    STALKER - shadow of chernobyldiscussion

    Well valve software has an OEM contract with ATi. Its obvious that they will support Ati. BTW I own an ATi card so im for ATi. Hope digit includes a demo too. i didnt see the demo for obivion lost in the digit cd
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    STALKER - shadow of chernobyldiscussion

    I guess the nest BIG game after HL2 is STALKER shadow of chernobyl. I saw a few screen shots and the graphics simply rocks. check out the home page at: * tell me what you think of the game. I think there is a video download too.
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    Need advice on creating .jar games

    Thanx icecoolz
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    Need advice on creating .jar games

    Recently, i got this obsession of playing java games on my cell phone. Its fun to play games which others make of course.. but wouldnt it be more fun to play a game made by ourselves? are there any sdk's available for creating executable jar files? im interested in making mophun games too.
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    Does RD ram really run at 800 mhz fsb????

    My friend used to own an ancient relic( p4 1.4 ghz). He had bought it when intel had released p4. His MB was the intel 850 series. He had just 128 MB of ram. Something that amazed me was that this RD ram ran at 800 MHz FSB. Even the latest ddr ram runs at 533 mhz fsb.
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    Suggest a good motherboard and ram

    I have an MSI Neo(875) motherboard. I plan to upgrade to the latest series 9xx series from intel. Which one should i opt for? The intel original or good ol' MSI?? I have finally decided to get my hands on some ram. I heard that series 9xx supports 533 mhz fsb ram. How much will be adequate...
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    google desktop search

    cool signature ishaan
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    Need a PS2 emulator

    silly me... of course EPSXE is a psx emulator i agree blade_runner. my mistake..
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    Does lots of ram mean more frame rates

    I used to own an ATi radeon 9200 se with 128 mb of ddr memory runnung at 200 mhz clock and 166 mhz memory speed( Now i own an X800 PE). My sis config is: P4 2.4, MSI NEO(875pbz),128 mb of ddr 266 ram. I know that my ram is very low and to cap it all i use windows XP. When i played games like...
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    good 256MB graphics card

    All right all right.. dont get mad at me.. I just thought that 7500 was cheap for a 256 mb grapfics card. With games like doom3, stalker and hl2, a CHEAP graphics card aint just the right alternative.
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    Longhorn... What's all the hype around it???

    Whats the reson 4 all the hype around longhorn?? is it gonna be a 64 bit or 32 bit edition? will it be more stylish than windows xp? wat will be the system requirements? has the alpha version really leaked out or is it just a joke? AND the biggest question of all... will we still have to use the...
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    good 256MB graphics card

    Try ennyah geforce fx 5700 Eat dirt blade_runner. There is an NVIDIA 256 mb geforce fx 5700 available 4 just 7500rs. The card is made by ennyah and gives decent performance.
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    Need a PS2 emulator

    bleem stinks The best ps2 emulator available is EPSXE. Bleem has many problems and results in massive rendering errors. I have used EPSXE myself and it worked fine with almost all ps2 games. I heard that the latest version has DVD support too. It can be downloaded from...
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    NVIDIA Geforce FX taking a dip. x800 still rules the roost

    I couldnt include these gif images in this post. I guess you'll have to follow the link. Although the 6800 outperforms the x800 in doom3, the x800 outperforms the 6800 by a fair margin in almost all other games. Driver problems are something which plague ATi cards. I have an x800 pe and when i...
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    radeon x800 pe

    I recently bought an x800 pe. It costed me around 1100 $.[/b]
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    Where can i get 850MB cds ?

    Although u cant get 850 mb cds, 800 mb cdr's are available in the market. I would advice you to use overburning or compression to make this 850 mb data fit into an 800 mb cdr
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    Tweaking graphics cards

    Ive got a gigabyte radeon 9200se. I tried using software like powerstrip to tweak my gfx card but i dont experience any big performance gains. This card runs at about 200 mhz clock speed and 166 mhz memory speed. i tweaked it to abt 211 mhz engine speed a and 173 mhz mem spd. I also heard that...
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