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    Amazon account was hacked!!

    You should contact amazon customer support. Only they can help you.
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    Warranty on WD external HDD bought online

    Yes you may buy and contact to the relevant company for warranty services.
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    How do I remove junk files from my computer hard drive

    Press window and R and type %temp% then press enter. A junk/temporary file will open delete all the junk file.
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    Google eavesdropping tool installed on computers without permission

    Or you can totally ditch Google altogether and move to Apple , Microsoft or Cyanogen/AOSP minus Google
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    The Official Xiaomi Discussion Thread

    Yes nice phone. I bought one.
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    The Official Xiaomi Discussion Thread

    Really nice phone. great cameras and other features as well.
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    BSNL is shutting down EVDO services

    Yes they have decided.
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    Transcend comes up with Industrial-Grade SuperMLC microSD Memory Cards

    That's really good news and people can use it now.
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