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    Need feedback on Xperia Z2

    Yes Sure
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    Need advice regarding Screengaurds

    Check out for Croma or The Mobile Store They must be having some screenguards for your mobile... and if you live in mumbai better check out the Indraprasth shopping center there you will get everything for your phone.
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    Nexus 7 (2012) Tablet charging problem

    dude u are using a 3900 mAh battery it takes more than 4 hours just to get charged so better let the thing get some juice and give it some rest while charging.. I Dont think there is any big problem to be concerned.!!
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    Need feedback on Xperia Z2

    can u let me more details as on what makes HTC Better.... Cos one of my pals told me to go for it.!!
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    Need feedback on Xperia Z2

    Hey gys can any one give me any details as on what is the feedback of Xperia Z2!!!
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