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    Does any one knows How to UnInstall FEDORA CORE 1 ???

    I think clearing the mbr will get grub off the bios. I am not sure though. Its by and far the easiest method to remove linux partition without a format.
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    18 things you didn't knew about xp

    ohh... lotsa points, add mine too a sploit which is rated moderate. Read more ...about the IPv6 Remote DOS exploit
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    how to remove orphaned dll's !

    Is this tips and tweaks / faq abt orphaned dll or wat ? Please be elaborate and try to make it a tut by getting more info as you did earlier. Example : define DLL ==> Dynamic Link Library, funcitions of particular dll , sys files. Somethin abt win.ini or system.ini and more info, then...
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    C programming in Damn Samll Linux.Is it possible?

    how abt using tc from windows after installing wine / crossover office
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    Questions...lots of questions...

    Thanks GNUrag ;)
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    Questions...lots of questions...

    Nope its not a linux distribution. Iam sure. Its Berkeley Standard Distribution.
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    free bsd 5.3

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    Installing slackware

    Its not a user frendly distro... its mostly suited for linux g33ks. U can use fdisk / fips to partition in ext3
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    Questions...lots of questions...

    totem-1.1.2.tar.gz 23-May-2005 01:34 2.0M
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    Questions...lots of questions...

    Hehe :D well did not notice the .0001 db u were talking abt.... Dont mind. You wanna play a cd, still u can use xmms (if its mp3) You goto xmms playlist and enqueue from /mnt/cdrom. Dont go for the #$%^& cd player.
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    Questions...lots of questions...

    Man dont tell me you failed to notice the below listed threads @ LQ :x >> CLICK HERE TO READ THE TUT ON HOWTO- FOR DVD IN LINUX. << I noticed that Knoppix and Linspire had some Debian stuff involved. What is Debian? goto and read further. What is an RPM/TAR.GZ...
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    Problem installing Printers in SuSE 9.1

    I think password doesnt have anything to do with the printer. I think it failed to create a printer object(printer object is properly defined @
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    writing small http server in Java/C++

    you cud have started @ , that's a good place for posting programming queries/help.
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    free bsd 5.3

    renault : why dont u search @ Half of ur questions have been answered there.
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    man was kewl again... to open a db and sw extension makes ppl a expert, I hope 80% of digit are experts if defined as per you..... :lol:
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    a challenging question ! read it and answer

    Wow ... what a uber geek..... :lol: funny man.. this is hilarious. This is the toughest question ever ....... :twisted:
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    Windows Vulnerability !

    ohh... do u know something, surya singh. Just by installing a av you are not secure. Hackers and virus makers whom u mentioned can use your av to gain admin access on ur machine using a small exploit found. @expert no 1 : hope u knew this too :P
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    Any open minded here?.....

    GNU saab....aap kya keh rahe ho. Do u mean to say its legal , If yes pls let me know.
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    Is there any fLOSS equivalent 2 Tally ?

    avsaps seems to be more kewler than tally itself.. Its interface and look is good. I also read about its features. language support is also almost unbeleivable.
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    Showcase your 3D Animation & artwork

    Cheetah...arena multimedia course on maya wont teach u everything. Only the basics perhaps some intermediate topics. To work like expert grab a copy of the gnomon workshop cd/dvd legally ?? yes legally. Order legally and watch the video tut in wmp/divx player and become elite.
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