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    [Views] Zotac Supertron RMA

    Any service center in thane, dombivili or kalyan for zotac. If I were to go to lamington road it will take 4hours of transit time for the return trip.
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    D-Link DIR-816 or TP-Link Archer C20 AC750

    sysconinfo way
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    D-Link DIR-816 or TP-Link Archer C20 AC750

    I want to buy router for my home. There are ground and 1st floor and i want a good coverage on both floors. I have dir-600l but its is not able to provide signal to the ground floor. I want 1gigabit wan router but they are above my budget of 2.5k.
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    unknown network usage

    I have been troubled with heavy network usage for past few days where the tast manager shows download managers using 5mbps speed wheras downloads getting only about half and even after pausing downloads the usage is max out causing networks slow down. Only disabling and enabling network adapter...
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    Overclocking my cpu

    you wont void your warranty but use third party heatsink
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    GPU NEWS Channel

    Nvidia will price it at 60k for sure. they price it too high for indian market. same was for gtx 980
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    980 Ti vs the upcoming 1080

    next series will take atleast august to hit india and 1080 will cost 60k+. there will be no hbm
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    Best place to buy pc hardware

    primeabgb provides good discount offline. you just need bargaining skills
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    [35K Upgrade Advise] Gaming + Rendering System (CPU + Motherboard only)

    I have i7 6700 and the cpu usage never goes above 35% in battlefield 4 and I get 80+fps with everything max out on gtx 970. If your upgrade cycle is short and you use your pc only for gaming you don't need to get i7 6700k.
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    [35K Upgrade Advise] Gaming + Rendering System (CPU + Motherboard only)

    I have i7-6700 and gtx 970 and the cpu usage hardly reaches 25% for battlefield 4 so for you you processor is the culprit. get i5 6600k(18.5k) a z170 motherboard(rs 11k), hyper 212x(2.8k) and 2*8gb ram(5k) or i7 6700(23k) b150 motherboard(8k) if you dont care for raid 0 and 16gb ram(5k)...
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    Cofigeration for Gaming PC

    Get a amd a10 build. Even with that you may have to raise upto 28k
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    Gtx 970 or R9 290x

    The problem with r9 390 is that I am unable to find it in lamington road. All sellers reply they dont have it.
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    Gtx 970 or R9 290x

    I am buying a new PC on 4th april and I am confused due to new DirectX 12 benchmarks coming out stating Amd graphics cards are doing great in DirectX 12. Which graphics card should I choose R9 290x tri-x OC for 28k or Gigabyte gtx 970 windforce edition for 27k?
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    New Video Editing PC (VFM-no compomise on performance)(4-DAYS)

    you can pay 26k for 6700 instead of 23.8k for xeon processor with only 2.5% performance difference. They even fit in same sockets
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    New Video Editing PC (VFM-no compomise on performance)(4-DAYS)

    xeon e3-1245v5 costs 23.8k is also a good option
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    New Video Editing PC (VFM-no compomise on performance)(4-DAYS)

    Get a H170 motherboard from Asrock for about 8k with usb 3.1 as it will be a good option to have and get gtx 960 2gb you will save money if you are not playing games. For video editing and photo editing gtx 960 gives almost same performance as higher end cards. i7 6700 costs max 24000. Here is...
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    Please rate my system

    Don't worry in directx12 amd fx8350 is showing great performance improvements so you should be good. I saw in some youtube video but it was still behind i5 processors. The R9 390 is also performing better than nvidia gpu's. But time will tell what is better. Even I am confused between gtx 970...
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    Need to build new gaming pc

    Whats the problem with Can I trust primeabgb
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    Building gaming Pc 78K

    theitwares lamington road, mumbai. they even have a website - - - Updated - - - can you recommend me a good and affordable gaming mouse
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    Building gaming Pc 78K

    got some configs 1.Intel Core i5-6600K-18750 2.MSI Z170A PC MATE LGA 1151-11250 3.CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 2400Mh-3600 4.Antec VP650PM 650W -4700 5.Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-01 RED LED-3700 5.GIGABYTE GTX 970-25500 6.Logitech MK200-875 7.Cooler Master SEIDON 120V-4850 or
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