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    [For Sale] 7870 XT - Sapphire GPU

    Price revised
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    [For Sale] 7870 XT - Sapphire GPU

    Thx :-)
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    [For Sale] 7870 XT - Sapphire GPU

    7870 - Sapphire GPU Mods: Pls delete this thread
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    APC UPS replace batteries or get New UPS?

    These Automobile guys would be having big sized car batteries, my UPS takes small two batteries... so I am not sure they will be having this?
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    Corsair PSU and APC UPS comaptibility and max load possible

    Mate, you seem informed - can u help me with my query here, *
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    APC UPS replace batteries or get New UPS?

    Guyz am having APC Back UPS Pro BR-1500 Model, which needs battery replacement. But, the APC guys are quoting Rs. 5800 for two batteries that my UPS takes - I don't think batteries can be that expensive ever. Are they cheating me? only one dealer here in Mumbai tht sells batteries it seems...
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    [For Sale] MicroSD - Transcend 64GB Class 10 (x300)

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    [For Sale] Logitech G602 - Brand New Wireless Gaming Mouse

    No Longer for sale - The Product is Sold through other site
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    [For Sale] Logitech G602 - Brand New Wireless Gaming Mouse

    For Sale ! •Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Logitech G602 •Expected Price: Rs. 4700 (MRP Rs. 6500) •Source and Time of Purchase: Directly from dealer •Reason for Sale: Making a small Profit •RMA/Servicing history: Brand New Sealed Pack •Product Condition: New Sealed...
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    [For Sale] Earphones/IEM's -- Klipsch S3 (Red)

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    Seagate 2TB Internal HDD - Latest Model for SALE

    Product Name : Seagate 2TB Internal HDD Expected Price: Rs.4900 Time of Purchase: May 2012 Remaining Warranty period: Upto May 2013 Reason for Sale: Upgrading to 3TB Location: Mumbai Preferred Courier: No Shipping Charges: Rs. 60 Payment Options: Bank transfer only
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    [For Sale] Earphones/IEM's -- Klipsch S3 (Red)

    Product Name : Klipsch S3 Earphones (RED) Expected Price: Rs. 1400 Time of Purchase: June 4 2012 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes - 2years from date of purchase Reason for Sale: Didn't like the inear design. Purchase Invoice Available: Yes Product Condition: Brand New...
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    GTA V coming soon!! Finally :D

    I just hope that it requires the latest and greatest GPU and stuff to show off its shining armor and i buy those goodies just before the game launches, so tht i can enjoy my GTA V to the fullest with all latest technological bells & whistles.
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    Need advice on issues with Display HD 5770

    I believe there can be problems die to following: 1] Problem from main power point in your house/particular outlet where you are conneting... (Your electrician can check this with a device called "Multimeter") 2] Problem in the wire that you are connecting from PC-to-TV 3] PSU not outputting...
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    PSU Fan not working

    Repairing a PSU is really not advisable. it can damage your HDD and other components. Just buy a new PSU from sum reputer brands like Corsair and it will last your years...
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    Need to buy a new cabinet please help... BUDGET 2K

    Cooler Master Elite 310 would be a gud choice
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