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    Recovering file types having custom extensions

    hi can anyone suggest me a software to recover my deleted files from my sdcard having extensions like ".a", ".tar", ".obb" I accidentally deleted them and now i want to recover them back so can anyone suggest a software to recover them without any error Pls reply
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64 Bit OS Should I have 4GB RAM or 8GB RAM ?

    Ya if you want to hard multitask then go for 4gb ram it will be sufficient and no need to have 8gb ram its required when you want to play graphics intensive games.
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    Dual boot win7 on preinstalled win8

    hi I have win8 as a default os and I want to install win7 on it and dual boot. Will it give an dual boot menu or not I am having uefi bios and GPT partition and I will be installing win7 x64 so will it give a dual boot menu or not if i install win7 on it.
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    dual boot an uefi system

    I have 2nd partition though it is a gpt if I load a win7 disc and format it using it then the partition gets converted into an plain NTFS I only want to know that if I make a mbr and use legacy mode of booting will it conflict with the uefi or not?
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    dual boot an uefi system

    I know that using uefi windows7 I can dual boot but I don't want a dual boot menu instead I want that when I selected the boot option to harddisk or say legacy boot it should boot windows 7 without effecting the windows8 installation
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    dual boot an uefi system

    hi I have an dell vostro having win8 installed in uefi GPT partition. My question is that if I install windows 7 on a non gpt partition and boot it in legacy bios mode rather than an uefi mode will it effect the win8 which is in uefi mode. pls reply
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    Problem regarding Wi-Fi network of my router

    hi I am having a bsnl wi-fi router I was first able to use the wi-fi on each and every device. But from few months I am able to use it on my laptop and my galaxy tab, galaxy fit. No other mobile leaving the two I have cannot connect to the wi-fi I tried many for my friends smartphones from the...
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    I want to buy a phone in range below 10k

    the what about canvas2 can you suggest?
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    I want to buy a phone in range below 10k

    Hi I want to buy a phone below 10k and I am having choice of canvas2 and iball andi 4.5q please anyone suggest me the best phone in this range Pls reply
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    about latest KMPlayer

    hi i just downloaded the latest km player and it has 3D feature i want to know that can i use its stereo 3D option and the passive 3d glasses like one available with the LG cinema tv will it work or i would require a 3D monitor? i am having a normal lcd monitor and activating 3D on it, it shows...
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    flasing custom rom on galaxy fit

    thanks for the info n also tell that how can i revert my phone from custom rom to stock rom
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    flasing custom rom on galaxy fit

    hi i own galaxy fit i want to know that has anybody tried to flash custom rom on galaxy fit using rom manager and also does the rom manager backups the stock rom of the phone thanks
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    Suggestion for buying wireless router

    hi i want to buy a wireless router for my house i live in a 2 stories bungalow please suggest me a good router below 3000/- to cover the area of my house pls reply
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    cyanogen mod 7.1 on galaxy fit safe or not?

    hi i have read on the net that installing cyanogen mod on galaxy fit unleashes the more feature than the stock rom but i have also read some of its drawbacks but i am confused that should i install or not also if i install it the is it possible to rollback my fit to its stock rom or not pls...
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    MKV merge settings required

    hi friends i just downloaded mkv merge and i want to compress videos by using it but how should i enter the settings it is not easy as handbrake so can any body give me the settings or from anywhere i can get the *.mmg files to download thank u
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    pendrive space lost!!!!!!!!

    no its not chinese but its cheap its the spy pen camera with 16gb space
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    pendrive space lost!!!!!!!!

    no its not used for ready boost is there any software to recover my space lost?
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    pendrive space lost!!!!!!!!

    i formatted it from xp first then it was ok but after formatting from windows 7 it is showing only 67mb FAT filesystem, and now its also not allowing me to change the filesystem now can u give me any software to recover my 16 gb
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    pendrive space lost!!!!!!!!

    hi i formatted a pendrive from windows7 of 16gb while formatting i forgot to check the settings and after format it gave me FAT partition and only 68mb of free space can anybody help me out of it how can i bring the 16gb space back? pls reply
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    2d to 3d anaglyph video convertor?

    hi can anybody tell me form where i can get a free download of an anaglyph video convertor or a player which can convert 2d video to a anaglyph 3d video pls reply
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