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    Upgradeable component

    Hi, I have an old PC with AMD Athlon 4200+, 2 GB RAM and 8600 GT (256 MB RAM) on Windows 7. I recently installed BioShock 2, but the performance is less than satisfactory. Can you please suggest the cheapest upgrade that I can apply. What card can I buy within Rs 5000 that'll provide a...
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    XP 64 bit problem with me..plz

    I faced the same problem for my ECS board. You have to search the microsoft website for thefix. TThere is pone avaiable there that u have to installl before installing the sound drivers.
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    Reset Windows XP Passwords

    Now the first software that I am posting here was given to me by a friend almost a year ago. This software can reset any WindowsXP password including admin account. I have checked it only on WinXP without SP2. If it works on SP2 plz post it here. I've been using XP64 and linux for a long...
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    My eXPerience with XP64 Bit

    I installed 64 Bit XP (SP1) :roll: a few days ago on a system with following config. Pentium2.66 512MB RAM 6200TC (128MB) PCI-E The experience has been mixed one...some good and some bad. I am just typing these as they come in mind. Not in any particular order. First good thing is the...
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    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    Better card?? Hello people Presently I have the following system config: P4 2.66 512 MB (400 Mhz) RAM 64bit XP (Sp1) ECS 915M5-GL board ( PCI-E Lite slot) XFX 6200TC (onboard 64 MB shared 128 MB) Clock speed 350 MHz and 500 Mhz for GPU and memory Overclocked to 429 and 668 Mhz...
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    Intel Or AMD

    Card I forgot to type that..the older card is 4x 32Mb Raden
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    Intel Or AMD

    Hello everybody. I need some advice about the age old question. :roll: I just upgraded to an P-IV 2.66Mhz 64 on an ECS 915 board with PCI-E Lite slot and 8-channel sound. Now one of my friends is suggesting to exchange the same for an AMD2800+ 754 socket on an orginal Via K8M800 board with...
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    Software for Cracking WinXP Login Password

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