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    [Want to Buy] $5 Paypal

    Lemme know by pm if you're willing to sell $5 paypal. Post me your phone number and name too. I'll pay you back via mobile topup or purchase you anything worth $5 . Thanks p.s I could have purchased it myself, but paypal is not accepting my sbi or pnb debit card.
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    Looking for a Good tablet

    I know but take a look at his budget?, 16 GB would least go to 20k which he can't afford as he said already .
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    How to apply screen protector on google nexus 7?

    @R2K : one more thing to ask , usually screen protectors come with 2 polythenes (in layman's terms atleast?) stick together . Which one to stick to the screen , the one which is very thin or other one which is little bit think than than the other one? Oo I tried to stick thinnest one to the...
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    How to apply screen protector on google nexus 7?

    Umm I bought the screen protector online. Another thing is local peoples can apply, but they apply like the tablet is their father's property, pressing it forcefully , scratching the device, which is painful to see for me :D
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    How to apply screen protector on google nexus 7?

    Hi, I bought the new the amzer google nexus 7 screen protector for Rs 600 and when my nexus arrived I tried to apply the protector. Firstly I had to mess with alignment and then once I aligned propely and applied . bam!!, I see 50+ bubbles on screen. Trying again and again I ended up with...
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    Looking for a Good tablet

    I had purchased it online from homeshop18 for Rs. 14999 when superdeal was on :) (Though they're out of stock now) And please read this thread for sure : *
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    Looking for a Good tablet

    As rudswa said, I'd also suggest you to go with nexus 7 , its stellar. I myself bought the 8 GB, though it didn't arrive yet (waiting for 21 days :O ). You won't get 8 GB model on local Indian website since it's mostly out of stock in most of countries where it's available. is way to...
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    Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II - Short Review

    I was also about to buy Elf 2 , but once I had a look at Google nexus 7 tablet , I couldn't resist myself to purchase it. It has awesome hardware specs with only one negative point that you it doesn't have expandable memory slot. Other than that it beats any tablet in display, processing etc on...
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    Google Nexus 7 , my last choice with some confusion :)

    Hya folks, After analysing many tablets , I had some final thoughts to purchase Elf 2 but from the day I saw google nexus 7, it's specification and I loved it (price is even so low w.r.t. to hardware specification). But after exploring it more I came to know that it has only 8 GB (in actual...
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    1000 Mbps Google Fiber service hits Kansas City

    rofl, Don't tease BSNL, if they read your post, they might'll tease you more by lifting the price to 50000 :D
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    How much hours do you play in a day ?

    I were the parent of boys/girls who play games on machine more than 2-3 hours daily, I'd beat the $hit out of them :D
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    Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II is misleading?

    After some time of research which tablet to buy (almost decided to buy but bam!!) I came across a website which says Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II doesn't have dual core processor 0o. Link to website : Ainol Novo 7 II Aurora & Elf 2 are Misleading, Buyer beware! | PRLog Post date: May 09, 2012...
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    Sparkle 8400 GS

    Rs 900 is my last offer , if that price rings your bell lemme know by pm? .
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    Request for embedding python in C/C++ tutorial!!!

    @Xk0nSid If you want to do embedded programming in C++ only , there is very nice small book by scott meyers Scott Meyers: Effective C++ in an Embedded Environment
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    BrainF*** Movies

    It got good rating on imdb , so decided to watch it today. Damn!!!! I couldn't understand whole ending. So to vote for your answer it's most brain ****ing movie I ever saw :/
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    [Want to Buy] 2/4gb DDR2 PC RAM

    I have got 2 GB DD2 ram, kingston, never used but seal broken of box. Pm me if any one of you want to buy it :)
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    [For Sale] Hdd's For Sale

    Here : Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB ,SATA 3.5" Internal Hard Drive With 64MB Cache - WD20EARS - Storage Media - Computers and you expecting someone to pay you 7.2K ? 0o. Make it reasonable please, it's irrelevant what price you had paid for drive now since any would buy cheapest drive...
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    Sparkle 8400 GS

    I totally understand, Should I am swapped with you, I'd ask same price :) . But I can't offer more than this due to the reason I'm not very ritchie rich, also I'm saving money for other things. Lemme know if you're interested :)
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    Which tablet to buy?

    Cool, Thanks, Ainol Elf II seems best bet at current.
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    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    My recommendations : 1) Drag me to the hell (horror, dare to see it alone, you might will get heart attack!!) 2) Law abiding citizen 3) Curious case of benjamin button (drama) 4) Heavenly forest (if you hate sad crying movies, don't see it , you'll surely will I bet) 5) If only (same gener as...
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