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    Which router? TP-Link TD-W8968 or Netgear D1500 or D-Link DSL-2750U

    I am looking for a router for a cousin of mine which connects to BSNL (RJ11 port - ADSL). After searching around for quite a while, I came across these 3 models. 1. TP-Link TD-W8968 2. Netgear D1500 3. D-Link DSL-2750U 4. Open to other suggestions if reliable (Anything from ASUS worth...
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    1080p monitor [Budget:10k]

    If the above mentioned monitor has the same panel as this one below, then go for it. If not, I would suggest you go with this one instead. Might have to stretch your budget a bit. Dell S2415H This is a terrific monitor for sure. It comes highly recommended. Is the price difference justified...
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    Lenovo Vibe p1 - Color updates?

    Does anyone have any information regarding Lenovo Vibe P1 colors? It has been over 2 weeks since its release, and only silver color is available. Do they even plan to release any other colors?
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    Emerson vs APC Online UPS

    I am looking for reliable recommendations of Online UPS for my Home Theater - connect Receiver, TV and monitor. While I am aware of APC, am wondering how good is Emerson? What is the after sales support like? What would you guys recommend? I am looking at either of these models in...
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    Reliable Multi functionality Printer with reasonable cartidge efficiency

    I thought printer shopping would be easy and straightforward. But this is harder than getting a mobile where there are endless choices!! I don't mind paying a bit higher for the printer. However, my primary concern is cartridge price and efficiency. Cartridge business looks like a mega scam...
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