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    Urgent ASUS P320

    @soyab0007, used the 320 for sometime. performed well. battery lasted a day not a bad phone for the prce that u paying
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    Want to buy a Windows OS phone

    ASUS p320 11000 MRP
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    Nokia phones may use smell, solar power

    * LG and Samsung are fierce rivals be it at home in Korea or abroad, and after hearing news of the Samsung Blue Earth, LG too has their own solar powered phone that will be unveiled at next week's MWC in...
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    High Definition Television in India News\Updates

    SUN HD feeds online! Updates from the Forums of IndiaBroadband. The test feeds of High Definition channels has begun from INSAT 4B NSS 6 Satellite By SUN DTH.Infornation below is the source of this latest news gained from SatcoDX Satellite Chart, an satellite information portal. DVB-S2...
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    High Definition Television in India News\Updates

    @naveen_reloaded, glad to be back. but there's no more action here wouldnt u agree? Forum used to be my visits everyday now it' seem's like it's "slowdown" everywhere ;-) @digitized, Glad it has finally begun!
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    High Definition Television in India News\Updates

    Sun Direct ushers in high definition TV viewing Hi – Definition Set Top Box (Hardware) Rs.9999 + Taxes Standard Installation Charges Rs.1250 HD Content Access Usage Charge Rs 100 + Taxes / Month / Channel Basic Package Charge Rs.499 (5 Months) or Rs.999...
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    Airtel Launches 16 Mbps Broadband

    PRICED 2999+ TAXES + FEES + CHARGES It takes less than FOUR HOURS to reach the MONTHLY limit! *
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    @tin foil hat, Me included there are many Conspiracy Enthusiast here. On behalf of them, I'd request you to do stay and share what you have learned from experience.If you browse the Archives you'd find some great threads, do indulge! @Mods, If possible please move this to the Fight Club.
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    Suggest me a Gaming Rig for playing games at 1080p

    I own a similar display. I use a nVidia 8800GT 512MB, amd 4200+ @ 2.1ghz x2, 2GB, XP SP3 I game most games on 1920x1200 with pretty decent frames. and this is an age old config of PC and mobo. Only the graphic card is new. I suggest u get a ATi 4890 card and some 4 or 8 GB of ram with...
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    ^ well said
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    Sixth Sense

    calling this project a great technology would be an understatement, great sharte pushkar.
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    Petition to Airtel Broadband. Please sign!

    eminemence, great share. a must read
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    Petition to Airtel Broadband. Please sign!

    do online petitions work?
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    Notebook vs Netbook

    Dont forget ASUS EEEPC 1000HD, 904HD
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    Bloggers' Corner

    @victor_rambo, thank you for the advice
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    Seagate Lowers Warranty Period from 5 to 3 Years

    The Standards have fallen! Is it the cheap manf. process decision by Industry Leders thats making all this accomplishments..:mad::mad:
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    Windows 7 RC expected at the end of February

    This question needs an answer
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    "Gandhi" on Blue Ray

    Gandhi (Blu-ray) Sony Pictures Home Entertainment / 1982 / Rated PG Release Date: February 17, 2009 Technical Specs Blu-ray | BD-50 Dual-Layer Disc Video Resolution/Codec 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 Aspect Ratio(s) 1.85:1 Audio Formats English Dolby...
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