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    Will Nokia suvive the downfall?

    Iam SGR user and my cousin has lumia 800..At first seriuosly i felt like windows was amazing with cool interface but after using for some time jus 2hours browsing apps ,i felt like i better go to my interesting apps for is just the phone with the default apps you have to...
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    Removing HP recovery partition and reinstalling os?

    wow thanks it is after i backup it is safe to delete the d and e drives and split the c drive rite?.. I heard 64 bit is not compatible for many applications(bec i play a lot of old games) so only i was plannin to install 32bit nways i dropped it now...will try in 64bit itself thanks a...
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    Removing HP recovery partition and reinstalling os?

    ok again thanks for the repy i checked has subfolders such as bios,biosupdate,hpdaystarter, quickweb,system diags... tats all...and inside it all files are in format of .bin,.efi and unknown formats..wat are alll dese ?..
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    Removing HP recovery partition and reinstalling os?

    thanks aniket...Ok do i really need to do the recovery disc setup to 3 discs?..because nothin is inside i havent installed anthin or downloaded any.. then after deleting the partitions , can i shrink the c drive to any limit because now der is restriction tat i can shrink only to limit of 135...
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    Removing HP recovery partition and reinstalling os?

    Guys a little help.. I just bought a new laptop HP Probook 4530 ...It has windows 7 home premium preinstalled 64 bit os..But a problem is der are three partitions 1- C: (275gb)-primary partition 2- D:(Hp recovery-16gb)-primary partition 3- E:(Hp tools-5gb)-primary parition 4-System...
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    [Nokia 5800] How to watch Fullscreen Video w/o black bar ??

    Dude am using AVS video converter...Der is a option in this to adjust the crop scale in advanced so that it extends to total height ..If der is a option like tat in your xilisoft soft try tat...or Try this software which am using..Convert the video to 640*360 this is the resolution of 5800
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    Official Nokia 5800 XpressMusic discussion thread

    ok neeraj...I wil format the mobile and reinstal as you said and wil post back in this weekend... And this is my first time am trying that rom patcher thing it dint work...I tried installing hellox2 and opened it...It jus said unpacking nothin happened...I even waited for an hour ,restarted the...
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    Official Nokia 5800 XpressMusic discussion thread

    video cut player is working sometimes but most of the times it also crashes...other than its ok... Is der any core player for 5800 which i used in my old n72 was better playin all formats... And is der any way to instal smart movie without formatting...Little bugged to install again all...
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    Official Nokia 5800 XpressMusic discussion thread

    @neeraj... After i updated to this new fv i have been facing problems with the smart movie player...It kept crashing and now its not at al opening...It jus crashes to the homescreen wenever i open...I tried al methods of reinstalling -restarting the phone and referred other forums its not...
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    Official Nokia 5800 XpressMusic discussion thread

    Thanks a lot neeraj...With the help from your blog..I changed the product key and updated the latest firmwire version v51 and changed the product key back to the old one...It helped a lot..thx...Wat al we get in this new updated version?..kinetic scrollin thn
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    Official Nokia 5800 XpressMusic discussion thread

    @neeraj - Am planning to update the firmware version....I have v30 only...Now wher do i start ?..AM not sure abt the firmware update.. I have downloaded the Nokia software update....wat should i do now?
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    Official Nokia 5800 XpressMusic discussion thread

    @Neeraj -I jus bought 5800 exp music a week back...Its awesome...And was lukin on your posts in this forum today and was excited abt al the stuffs ...gr8..I have been installin apps and playin arund lately in this mob and was amused with the functions of the phone and your posts were damn...
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    Touch Screen 40 Series Set ... Plz Seggest

    y dude series 40 for a budget of 15k...??..i wud go for android
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    Touch Screen phone under 10k

    You can go for Samsung galaxy spica..i think it meets al your specifications you mentioned...but its around 12k
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    AirTel GPRS 30ps Balance Trick

    Re: Use any Gprs service for free 100% working @pravinbv Yea is great site...It helped me a lot too...Lots and lots of working tricks especially for Airtel
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    no audio in win 7

    IS the audio driver detected? or you get a cross symbol over the volume at the task bar?..if so try installing the audio driver again.. it happened to me the same...Installing the audio driver many times dint help me, so i just put the windows 7 disc and did an upgrade so tat you wont lose any...
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    Hidden Windows XP Serial Key

    Nice one..thx
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    Is it safe to format the d drive of my sytem?

    thanks a lot liquidsnake it worked...the same way i did
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    Is it safe to format the d drive of my sytem?

    Since i had two os windows 7 in c drive windows xp in d drive Now windows xp had problems so i deleted the whole drive files in it including windows folder but still some files are der as they are unable to delete..Am not able to format the windows xp folder also from windows 7 as it comes as...
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