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  1. rohan

    Gaming PC for 50,000, such that I can upgrade GPU with a 20k purchase later on

    I totally agree with you, but this is for two reasons: First, I just don't have that kind of money right now and second, I might not decide to go for it at all. I mostly play Dota 2, and it runs on high settings for this config. So if I don't find myself indulging anymore, I'll just stick with this.
  2. rohan

    Gaming PC for 50,000, such that I can upgrade GPU with a 20k purchase later on

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Gaming. Bioshock Infinite, Dota 2, Battlefield 4. Also, I am a...
  3. rohan

    Using ICS over Wi-Fi on a Wi-Fi enabled phone

    I have a Dell studio 15 running Windows Vista and openSUSE 11.1 with an Intel 5xxx Wi-Fi network adapter and I have a tata indicom photon whiz mobile internet connection. In Windows vista, I start a new Wi-Fi connection in ad-hoc mode, and setup all parameters. I have a Nokia E63 which...
  4. rohan

    Slow WLAN speeds

    I have a desktop [a Compaq SR1732IL] and a laptop [Studio 1555]. I have an ADSL2+ Wi-Fi router (the one I got wit Airtel), which is my gateway to the internet. My desktop is connected to the router via Ethernet. I don't use DHCP and my IP settings are: IP Address: [laptop] ...
  5. rohan

    Torrent speed slashed after installing router

    I earlier had an ethernet ADSL2+ router, and using that I used to get a download speed of around 30 kbps. Now, after I've installed my Wi Fi router, I'm getting very slow download speeds, even when no other device is connected in WLAN. Here are a few diagnostics: i] My torrent speeds have...
  6. rohan

    Half of the sites don't work

    I was trying to do some network troubleshooting with a problem related to hamachi.. and i put in the following in my command line: route -f After that.. many sites just don't open. In firefox, the message is displayed 'The connection was reset The connection to the server was reset'...
  7. rohan

    IPL - Indian Problem League???

    the Mumbai v/s Chennai match just ended.. it was an EPIC FAIL on part of the Mumbai team. I know.. he was a tailender.. i know there was a lot of pressure.. but a fan isn't open to reasons.. :(
  8. rohan

    IPL - Indian Problem League???

    i wasn't at all commenting on personal choice. what i was commenting on was that he was bored by the 'length' of the T20 matches.. and favoured Test matches instead...
  9. rohan

    Warcraft III questions [n00b warning]

    @qwerty: thanks a lot for helping. I was able to make Ghouls and that is done.. but I'm still not able to locate a skull or an 'X' in the menu. also.. i'd like to ask.. are there are any Hamachi servers in India for warcraft.. like some place i could get to know a few ppl and play wc3 with...
  10. rohan

    IPL - Indian Problem League???

    what I don't understand about damnthenet is that he finds the 56 4 hour matches boring.. but is ready to watch the slower, 35 day Test Matches [best of 7 series] out of which each lasts for almost 2.5 days [half a day everyday]. and what do u mean by "BCCI perhaps wanted to control only cricket...
  11. rohan

    Warcraft III questions [n00b warning]

    I have recently started playing warcraft III.. and i've had this few problems recently: i] How does the Undead race collect Lumber? The Acolyte only collects Gold. ii] How do I kill my Peasants/Wisps/Peons/Acolytes when I reach a population limit so that I can increase my combat units. iii]...
  12. rohan

    IPL - Indian Problem League???

    t20 is an awesome format.. and follows greatly with the 4hour-1meal-2drinks type of sports. It is entertaining and fast paced, something i really miss in Test Matches and has run rates way over 6, which i miss in ODIs. This also gives us a chance to discover new talent. The only thing i don't...
  13. rohan

    Suggest me a good fighting game

    Thanks everybody for the replies. For those suggesting Medal of honor, I'm already a fan of it as I am of most FPSes.. but what i was looking for is an arcade type fighting game. As for playing PS2 games on PC, i haven't had a good experience with If anyone can suggest me a...
  14. rohan

    Suggest me a good fighting game

    It's been a long time since I last played a fighting game.. the last one for me was Tekken 2 on a GameBoy emulator.. neways.. i want to try on a new fighting game. Something like Virtua Fighter or Tekken or even DOA.. but most of these games are on consoles. I need a PC [windows] game...
  15. rohan

    Hard disk imaging

    It was time to reinstall my OSes again.. and this time my system was far more screwed up than it ever was.. the partition table was corrupted, drivers were conflicting... simply put.. it was a lot of mess. Then, it took me more than one complete sleepless night to put it all in place and...
  16. rohan

    GPRS in CellOne

    I've been trying to activate GPRS on my dad's CellOne prepaid account. I sent an sms 'GPRS' to 53733 . A message comes back saying, "Request for GPRS activation recieved" [or something similar]. And after that nothing happens. How do I go about activating GPRS on my CellOne acc? I have a Sony...
  17. rohan

    problem in C ( structures )

    this doesn't make any sense. what are you trying to do here?
  18. rohan

    Getting a surround sound speaker system

    is that a sound card?? because if it is.. i'm not investing into anything anymore. I have already bought a soundcard (second post).. and i just wanted to know if there was something i could do on the software level [like the DirectAudio API] or something that could allow me to alter the audio...
  19. rohan

    Getting a surround sound speaker system

    Ok.. i got a T-Link 4-channel soundcard and it has 4 TRS connector. One of 'em is an input for the microphone.. so I have three outputs now. One of them is black, one green and one blue. I have no idea how to setup a surround sound system [or something that resembles that] with this setup...
  20. rohan

    Unicode search query in MySQL

    I primarily use MySQL along with php, and here is a query: $query = "INSERT INTO entries(u_id, content, category_id, genre_id, timestamp, orig_author, disp_type) values("; $query .= "".$this->auth->u_id.", \"".$content."\", ".$cat.", ".$gen.", ".time().", \"".$orig_author."\"...
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