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    Need help in career planning

    If you're going for AWS Certifications and need guidance - PM me. Wish you the best for whatever you do!
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    Anybody interested in Internet Download Manager bulk purchase

    @ghormaanas.120775 seems to be away. I'm planning to do a GROUP BUY for IDM. Let me know by PM if you're interested.
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    Budget 10-15K : Android Phone for Moderate Usage

    My previous phone was Moto G which died in a s/w+h/w crash after 15 months. I have considered other phones for comparison which are slightly different from my expectations. 1. Budget? A: INR 10-12K..can stretch to 15 in case of exceptional benefits! 2. Preferred display size, type and...
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    WTB Advice : White board for daily writing purpose

    Hey guys! I want to buy a white-board for my daily writing purpose - i would be writing words,equations and personal notes regularly. It would be 1 or 2 x 1 or 2 ft and would be mounted on a wall. Can i use 2 plastic hooks like these? Should be waterproof and easy to use (erase,clean,rewrite)...
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    [Query] Logitech G400 Disconnecting frequently

    Check :*
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    [Praise] Excellent Service always !!!!

    Glad you had a good experience. Please also share : where & when you got it from,service centre location,timings,contact nos,any weblinks,email id,forums - if you have these so that others can benefit :)
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    [Praise] Prime ABGB | Lamington Road | Mumbai

    Same here.It was one of the first shops where i purchased a lot of stuff from. All products were genuine,also got proper VAT bills with serial numbers. They were able to get the product i wanted at one of the best prices in the area at that time. Haven't had problems in any of the products i got...
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    [Query] RMA of Logitech Ultimate Ears in India

    Dude,i posted my experience in a thread and it included a link for all the service centres -> Logitech Walk-In Center (WIC) support in India - Logitech Support Article Thread : *
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    [Praise] Logitech RMA : Mouse | Lamington Road,Mumbai

    Thanks for the the advice Guys.Point noted and will be implemented for all future purchases :)
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    [Praise] Logitech RMA : Mouse | Lamington Road,Mumbai

    I had taken the original pack and the invoice (it didn't have S/N). He just saw the Import Month/Year on the pack and went ahead to test it. After testing it in 5mins,they gave me the RMA receipt. Then they noted the S/N in their system as well on the RMA receipt which they gave me. Also,i got...
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    [Query] RMA/Service Experience for Mobile Phones

    Anybody had an RMA or service center experience in Mumbai or any other city in India for the following brands : Motorola Lenovo Micromax YU Xiaomi InFocus LG Panasonic Any other brand where you got good service
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    [Praise] Logitech RMA : Mouse | Lamington Road,Mumbai

    My mouse was defective (scroll button) since more than 3 months b/c the service centre address i got from Logitech Support (email + call on toll-free) was far away and the timings were too inconvenient. Anyway,i searched again b/c i wanted to find one in Lamington Road (i love the place :P)...
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    [Query] Seasonic service center or RMA in mumbai?

    sutta_boy - you can buy it from anywhere. I got this from Flipkart : Warranty Summary Customers can get RMA support by sending email to with their purchase details. After verification that the product is sold by Tirupati, they will receive instructions on how to return the...
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    [Query] Seasonic service center or RMA in mumbai?

    #FollowThread since i own a Seasonic S12 AFAIK it's Tirupathi Enterprises,generally good reviews. OC Zone CLICK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mumbai - 09323170474
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    [Praise] Sandisk RMA : MicroSD Card | Online Request + Lamington Road,Mumbai

    arsenalfan001 posted f/b for Sandisk coincidentally while I came across my old microSD card. I noticed that it was inaccessible and filed for an RMA at Support Login It took about 2-3 days of email exchange (i had to send pictures and details about my purchase) due to a little delay from my...
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    [Complaint] very poor wd service

    Location? Details? And how exactly did you do the RMA?
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    [Praise] Sandisk RMA: Micro SD 32 GB Ultra

    arsenalfan001 : Thanks for sharing bhai! My RMA got approved in about 2 days after i sent all the details. They also kept me updated quite well and gave me all the details. Looking forward to a quick replacement when i visit the service centre :)
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    Budget Phone @ 3K - Requirements included :D

    ........BUMP any Advice Yo!....................
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    Budget Phone @ 3K - Requirements included :D

    Hey, I want to buy a cell-phone since my current phone got bricked. Requirements are : Budget : 3K since i'll be buying a new phone later. a)Good call quality (personal experiences would be good to know) b)Dual-SIM c)Good Battery Life (at least 1.5 days - 4hrs of calling+3hrs of...
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    Seagate India Refund Query

    Good to know and glad to help. My replacement 1TB (was brand new shipped from Singapore that time :D) drive from Seagate is dying slowly...Surprisingly it just crossed the normal "industry" warranty period of 2 years! Also made me realize that i need to consume less and contribute more :P So i...
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