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  1. john_the_ultimate

    GPU buying query.

    Valuable info......yes I know about the bottle but that's not much of an issue for me. No intention to upgrade the CPU right now. But RTX 3060 seems good enough for me. Any thoughts about RX 6600 XT if it's available within 35-40k. Right now on MD Computer it's 49,599 and for Zotac RTX 3060...
  2. john_the_ultimate

    GPU buying query.

    1. What is the intended use for this graphic card ? Gaming or workstation work? (Name few Games or applications are you going to run) Gaming only eg: COD, NFS, Sid miers CIV, etc. 2. Which Power Supply do you have? (Be EXACT while naming the company and model) Antec NeoEco 550 modular 3. What...
  3. john_the_ultimate

    GPU buying query.

    But do you think it's worth waiting a bit more, since the launch of Intel Arc should give my more options and also more compitition should push the prices further down. Sent from my M2101K6P using Tapatalk
  4. john_the_ultimate

    GPU buying query.

    My PC has following specs: Ryzen 5 3500 8GB x 2 Corsair Vengeance MSI A320 M PRO mobo Antec NeoEco 550M 80 Plus Bronze Certified 550 Watt Modular SMPS WD blue 500GB NVME M.2 drive (boot drive) WD blue 2TB SSD sata drive LG Ultragear 34" 1440p monitor GPU is GT610 2GB (temp) since my primary...
  5. john_the_ultimate

    LCD....Benq, AOC or Samsung

    I am using AOC 416V 24" for over a year n a half......... it's a damn good monitor. As for after sale service, had some problem with the logic circuit a month a replacement monitor (brand new) within a week. Had to register the complain with them n the technician came...
  6. john_the_ultimate

    Suggest a phone within 10-12k.

    Thanks guys for ur reply......that was quick. Actually got back to this forum after a long time. Neways, I can wait for a week so...........will check out C510 n 5630 if possible. Btw, what about Samsung S5233..........any feed back on that would be helpful. I got a qoute of 9.3k with 2gb...
  7. john_the_ultimate

    Suggest a phone within 10-12k.

    Right then, I need to buy a phone for my bro.........budget around 10-12k. So, some input would be nice. I had seen Samsung S5233 n it looked nice..........any other options in this price range?
  8. john_the_ultimate

    Happy New Year to All!!

    Wishing all of you a very happy new year.
  9. john_the_ultimate

    Help regarding cooling system

    You'll have to remove your existing heatsink and then install the third party cooling solution.
  10. john_the_ultimate

    Post your latest Purchase

    Thanks saurav.
  11. john_the_ultimate

    Post your latest Purchase

    @gx Nice purchase man..........mow much for it? How is it compared to your older mouse in terms of using MAX. I am also looking for a good mouse with good control and accuracy. Want something good to use with MAYA. Gaming not a priority.
  12. john_the_ultimate

    Rashi not being fair to me!!

    @ancientrites He has three gfx card (two used in sli and the third as physx card). He doen't have a physx card but uses the third gfx card as a physx card. Can be done only on a board that supports tri SLI. @Harvik 750i doesn't support tri SLI, for that you'll have to get 780i or 790i board.
  13. john_the_ultimate

    PC Problem

    It's due to overheating of the cpu. If you can, reseat the heatsink with a fresh layer of thermal paste and do the usual cleaning or else take it to the vendor from who you bought, and they will do it. Please use speedfan, everest, coretemp etc and tell us your component temps. like cpu, gfx...
  14. john_the_ultimate

    Best buy 2.1 speakers

    Logitech X-230
  15. john_the_ultimate

    Dust Problem

    CM690 has filters in the front to block dust. As for fans you can buy fan filters (for the intake fans) or just make one yourself.
  16. john_the_ultimate

    Mainboard & HDD.

    Use everest *
  17. john_the_ultimate

    [help] adding new HDD

    Just connect your new HDD and it will work fine. Btw, you can use any make n capacity drive.
  18. john_the_ultimate

    which motherboard to buy?

    Express Gate : * *
  19. john_the_ultimate

    which motherboard to buy?

    P5Q-E would be my suggestion. Reason............. better component layout than pro and the deluxe doesn't really adds more to the P5Q-E in terms of performance. Just two difference between P5Q-E and DELUXE: 1) P5Q-E has got 8-phase power managment while deluxe has 16-phase 2) Deluxe has...
  20. john_the_ultimate

    force rendering

    Try your hands on gelato, its free. @comp@ddict Just take a nap...... :) best way or go to inox watch a movie n when I return the work is done :D (this actually happened but only one time)
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