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  1. rchi84

    Post your latest Purchase

    Got this yesterday :D
  2. rchi84

    AMD Catalyst Driver Update Thread [ 12.8 ]

    On my 6950 (unlocked), my 3D Mark 11 scores have shot up in the last six months. I used to score around 51xx in Performance preset last year, but now, I am getting scores in 55xx, so it's a decent bump in scores. Gamewise, not much has changed though. Still can't enable AA in BF3, without...
  3. rchi84


    Re: Steam related discussions Valve is running into its age old problems with Number 3. No Half Life 3, No L4D3, No Portal 3, No TF3, and no Summer Sale 3 :D
  4. rchi84

    Core i5 2400 or 2500k for 50k?

    I have a 2400 and I don't feel my CPU holding my GPU back in any game I've played. If you don't mind overclocking, then definitely go for the 2500K. But if not, the 2400 is perfectly fine for almost any game out there. Read this article that Tom's did back in January. Not much has changed since...
  5. rchi84

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    Treyarch are certainly trying to do something new. Will reserve judgement till the game comes out. For all the bashing, I enjoy playing the COD games for their short SP campaign, which unfolds like a brainless action blockbuster. Total time pass, and forget it afterwards.
  6. rchi84

    Can i get an average of 30fps in GTA EFLC with the following config ?

    set reflection, water and shadow quality down to medium, and definition off (definition can be toggled with the P key I think), and you can raise the distances a bit. set object detail to medium and object distance detail to medium, and I believe you'll be able to play it on medium. Apply the...
  7. rchi84

    Mass Effect 3

    You know what, I applaud Bioware for having the b@lls to give players endings that reflect what usually happens in situations like this, in real life. Look at what happens in any war around us. Good people die, there are no heroes, everyone is guilty, and there are no happy parades. Guilt...
  8. rchi84

    HD 7870 vs. HD 6970

    GPUs are backwards compatible, meaning you can even plug those into a Pci-e 1.0 slot, but they will have some performance crippled. They will run absolutely fine on Pcie 2.0 x16 slots. There are few games that will actually utilise all that bandwidth on a single monitor as of now.
  9. rchi84

    Adding 550Ti for physx.. is it worth?

    Alice : Madness Returns has nice physx effects as well. However, I wouldn't recommend buying a card just for 5-10 games. Even if you don't want to buy an SSD, save up that money for the upcoming Steam Summer Sale. Trust me, you can easily buy 20 games for 3000- 5000 rupees.
  10. rchi84

    Which mouse?

    The answer depends on your budget and what feels comfortable in your hands. Most gaming mice are pretty awesome and in cs and bf3 it's more about the skill rather than what mouse you use
  11. rchi84

    Sapphire HD 6950 1GB unlocked to HD 6970 1GB!

    Well I guess either your psu is running out of juice or the gpu on your card is one that needs more volts to run at 880 mhz. See if you can use afterburner to raise the gpu voltage to around 1150. But make sure your psu is upto the task and your fans are set at 45% or more before you do this.
  12. rchi84


    Fus ro dah!
  13. rchi84

    Is L.A.Noire gameplay similar to MAFIA II?

    The best thing you can say about l.a. Noire is that there is no game like it out there. Very different. However, for gamers used to running from point to point, it might become long and boring. I found it intriguing and challenging, especially when I tried for five stars in all cases.
  14. rchi84

    Dell xps 15 - l502x !!

    I am curious guys. What kind of battery life do you get under non gaming conditions?
  15. rchi84

    AMD Radeon HD 7970 official review thread

    From my understanding of reviews, the biggest thing to take out from this gen of cards is the fact that tessellation is no longer an nvidia dominated zone. Like cilus said, this levels the playing field for now, even in games like crysis 2 which had to resort to invisible tessellation to show...
  16. rchi84


    I am getting blur and torchlight today. Waiting for blockbusters on the 25th..
  17. rchi84

    AMD Radeon HD 7970 official review thread

    Another review here: AMD Radeon HD 7970 Review [Part 3/3]: Overclocking, Benchmarks and Conclusion by Good show by AMD. Priced higher than expected, but expect situation to change once Kepler arrives. Good enough performance increase for Radeon 5xxx owners to consider an...
  18. rchi84


    Got nwn2 and grotesque tactics complete. Stalker pack is a must have if you didn't pick it up earlier during a weekend sale.. Oh and i have two lumps of coal now lol.
  19. rchi84


    Lol. I got a lump of coal and shining brand new copy of day of defeat source...
  20. rchi84


    If anyone wants to buy the witcher series, please consider purchasing directly from This way cd projekt gets 100% of your money (steam gets a 33% cut off every sale) for making good pc games that aren't poor console ports, have nice writing and graphics, and no drm, activation and...
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