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  1. balakrish

    Android mobile under 18k

    Hi friends, I want a mobile with ATLEAST following specs: 1GHz processor 1GB RAM 4GB ROM 5 inch screen 5MP Primary camera 1MP secondary camera HD recording and playback is a must. I have chosen Videocon A55 HD, Is it a good buy? Please suggest me.
  2. balakrish

    Western Digital 2TB Cavier Green not working.. :(

    I Enabled UEFI.. The system didn't even shown me GRUB interface.. :( Also hard drive detected as 0.0GB. :-/
  3. balakrish

    Do Intel DH55TC support WD Caviar Green 2 TB?

    Hi everyone! I'm using i3 processor with Intel DH55TC mother board. Also I'm already using Seagate 1TB harddisk. But when i try to install WD Caviar Green on my board, its not getting detected by the OS. BIOS detects it but shows the size as 0.0GB. Also it shows the drive as...
  4. balakrish

    Western Digital 2TB Cavier Green not working.. :(

    I updated the BIOS to the recent version. I didn't check yet. Yes. It's under warranty. My motherboard model is Intel DH55TC. Will it support 1TB + 2TB harddisks? also my 2TB harddisk is getting detected as PATA (not SATA). where am i doing wrong? :-o :(
  5. balakrish

    Western Digital 2TB Cavier Green not working.. :(

    Hi friends, I'm using seagate 1TB harddisk already.. Recently i bought a new harddisk, Western Digital SATA 2TB (WD20earx).. I tried to install it. After connecting all the cables, i checked with my BIOS, it shown PATA wd20earx and my old harddisk as SATA something.. After booting...
  6. balakrish

    How to connect two computers using single port in Modem?

    This isn't wifi modem.
  7. balakrish

    Speech Recognition for ubuntu!

    Hi friend! I'm in need of a software like windows speech recognition on Linux. I don't need that exact software but i need the software which can be developed for my college project. So please help me. Thanks, Balakrish
  8. balakrish

    How to connect two computers using single port in Modem?

    But USB port needs driver.. I have trouble installing driver on my windows 7. Also ubuntu 12.04 doesnt recognizes it. :( any help? thanks in advance. Balakrish
  9. balakrish

    How to calculate aggregate Range for wipro?

    Hi friend! My sister wants to join Wipro. But now she has to fill an online form. It asks for a value named "Aggregate Range". We don't have any idea about that. So please help us to get it solved. Thanks in advance, Balakrish
  10. balakrish

    How to connect two computers using single port in Modem?

    Hi friend! I'm currently using iBall baton which is ADSL2+Router. It has ONLY one lan port but i have a pc and a laptop. Now i want to share my internet using this modem. but i don't know anyother way than using a router. is there anyway to connect using that modem without adding...
  11. balakrish

    Device to send SMS from PC.

    Hi friends! I know there are multiple ways to send sms.for ex: way2sms or some other software. But my doubt is different, I just want a device which has the port to GSM SIM card, after connected to pc it should send and receive sms from my pc. If its USB supported it will be...
  12. balakrish

    Broadband in Pune

    Its my pleasure.. :) Enjoy with BSNL.. :)
  13. balakrish

    way to get LESS-Ads thinkdigit forum :)

    your idea also rocks.. helps adblocking without adblockers :D
  14. balakrish

    Broadband in Pune

    BB Home Combo ULD 750: ================ If you get BB Home Combo ULD 750 plan you just have to pay for your broadband bill. And if you make any calls from your landline then that call charges. BB Home ULD 750: =========== if you get BB Home ULD 750 you will have to pay fixed monthly...
  15. balakrish

    automatic shutdown and restart please help.

    Before that you have to check whether its a problem related to s/w or h/w. To check that start your pc and CHECK whether it goes into windows, if it does then the problem goes to Hardware.It would be helpful if you check your SMPS and CMOS. if any one of them fails, this might happen. hope this...
  16. balakrish

    way to get LESS-Ads thinkdigit forum :)

    yes.. my method only works when the cookies are alive :D This method is better than mine,since it reduces your job. Bro! but we've to give back something to thinkdigit. They want some money to run this site. :) Only ONE ad never annoys you.
  17. balakrish

    way to get LESS-Ads thinkdigit forum :)

    Of course you're correct.. but this is just a tute about disabling ads without any installation. :)
  18. balakrish

    how to write a file in a writeable(777) website directory?

    nearly 8days.. no replies :(
  19. balakrish

    Gud computer courses?

    yes you got the ans i think :)
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