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  1. Ankur Gupta

    Forum Improvement Suggestions

    The vBulletin version has been bumped up, server seems to be responding bit faster.
  2. Ankur Gupta

    Website with access to port

    You still seem to be a confused between IP address and ports. These are two completely different things. On a shared hosting, you get a IP address shared by all websites on the server, but you can buy a dedicated IP address, if you need to install SSL or for other specific reason. In...
  3. Ankur Gupta

    *Brand New* iPod Shuffle 1GB w/ Warranty

    Final Bump....
  4. Ankur Gupta

    *Brand New* iPod Shuffle 1GB w/ Warranty

    Bump...Price dropped...
  5. Ankur Gupta

    *Brand New* iPod Shuffle 1GB w/ Warranty

    LOL, not that way, I was just emphasizing that there was no need to put them. Bah, leave it :)
  6. Ankur Gupta

    *Brand New* iPod Shuffle 1GB w/ Warranty

    2k was my last offer to you and it remains the same. And yeah, use the PM system when making personal replies.
  7. Ankur Gupta

    *Brand New* iPod Shuffle 1GB w/ Warranty

    First, bill isn't really necessary for Apple products, serial number is more than sufficient for warranty. Second, eBay pays out of its pocket for the coupons, seller doesn't. I can put it up on eBay if you prefer to buy it that way. If anyone is interested, price can be discussed via PM.
  8. Ankur Gupta

    *Brand New* iPod Shuffle 1GB w/ Warranty

    I am selling off a brand new, sealed box of iPod Shuffle 1GB that I received as a gift from my relative. As I already own an iPhone, I do not need it, so selling it off. The warranty on the product is valid till 14th Feb 2010. Interested members can PM me for serial number to confirm the same...
  9. Ankur Gupta

    Query about DTH

    Initially you pay 2500 bucks which includes installation, dish charges and 3 months free subscription to the Ultra pack. After 3 months you are charged Rs.424/month for the Ultra Pack. I am a user of Airtel Digital TV and would recommend it over other DTH providers.
  10. Ankur Gupta

    Vote For Aashutosh: Big BOSS!

    ^^ Remove 40% tax from that amount and it does not remain that attractive.
  11. Ankur Gupta

    Suggest some Good English TV shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S

    Like how many shows have you watched to come to such a conclusion:p
  12. Ankur Gupta

    "Official" Digit Delhi Meetup - 8th Nov 2008, 11:30 AM, CP

    I have college in the morning. I'll see if I can make it in the afternoon. Will tell you guys if I will be coming or not.
  13. Ankur Gupta

    iphone 3G queris.... please help

    @iMav You can not get POP pushed to the iPhone. Infact except MobileMe and Microsoft Exchange nothing gets pushed to the iPhone. No, you can not select multiple images to send to MobileMe. Pressing Home button does not affect your message, it gets saved as it is.
  14. Ankur Gupta

    iphone 3G queris.... please help

    1. You can set up a POP3 account but mails will not be "pushed", they will be "fetched". 2,3. Not sure. I think sync is 1-way only. 4. Yes you can forward mails. 5. Yes you can. 6. No you can not. AFAIK, no app for it yet. 7. Only one image can be uploaded at a time.
  15. Ankur Gupta

    Bharati Airtel to launch DTH services from Oct 9

    Offtopic :Chill it out guys. IPTV runs on the same line but has a dedicated channel for itself. So you can continue to browse internet, watch IPTV, talk on the phone at the same time. Since IPTV has its own channel, it does not relate to your internet bandwidth etc. Ontopic : I have been...
  16. Ankur Gupta

    Happy Birthday to our moderator - Goobimama!

    Happy Birthday dude! Enjoy the day!
  17. Ankur Gupta

    The official thread for any and all discussion related to Apple Inc.

    You just broke the jinx :p
  18. Ankur Gupta

    Happy B'Day Pathik & prateek_san

    Hey, Happy B'day Pathik and prateek! Oye Pathik, party sharty kahan hain??!
  19. Ankur Gupta

    iPod Touch 8GB for Sale

    And I thought you had already got one as a gift :rolleyes:
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