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    Suggest a cheap motherboard for i7 3770K

    As the title suggests, I need a cheap motherboard for i7 3770K. Please note that my requirements are very basic and they are a following 1. 1 PCI express x16 2. Atleast 4 SATA ports (but 6 preferred) 3. 2 USB 3.0 ports 4. Support for 16 GB and higher memory I have shortlisted MSI...
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    General Query Want to buy dell 2240l from snapdeal - suggest coupons

    here you go Your eBay India gift coupon code is UZPFVFY7PA you can avail this offer on or before 31-Mar-2014.
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    Guess the game from the screenshot.

    Yup seems call of duty to me too.
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    Where to buy Nexus 4 for the cheapest price in Kolkata?

    try to use coupon on ebay and price will be 750 rupees lesser Use this link to find coupons for ebay. link Ebay India Coupons, Discount Vouchers and Offers Latest, Ebay Deals of the Week, Ebay Promotion Codes
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    [For Sale] FREE ebay coupons codes

    One coupon sent to the following users: gunnerwholelife KDroid leelaprasad shravank30 nickaustin soyab0007 Guys , please let me know if the same were useful. :bananana::bananana::bananana: All my coupons are sold out. Will let you know if i get more coupons..
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    [For Sale] FREE ebay coupons codes

    I have a few ebay coupon codes which i want to sell for Rs 0 :mrgreen:. Please let me know is anyone is interested and i will send the same. Please note that although it is a "For Sale" thread, the item is free. Just one request, please let me know if the codes were useful. Mods , please...
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    psp update to 6.60 ofw

    yes. You can use pro B9 after the official 6.60 update. And yes you can use the skins from But these SKINS are just some pre printed decals. So in my opinion you should not buy the, instead buy some games. But then its just my opinion.
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    [For Sale] Brand new BRAINWAVZ M4 IEMs going very Cheap

    hey my M4 came with just 3 pairs of silicone tips.. and i just bought them in june 12.
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    Sugeestion needed on a new ps3 game

    Get the GOD of War series if you have not yet played it. Start from God of War collection 1, then get God of war collection 2 and the finally god of war 3. You can also try Burnout Paradise (arcade racing.) God Of War game | Game | PS3 God of War Collection Volume II 2 (Chains of...
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    [For Sale] Brand new BRAINWAVZ M4 IEMs going very Cheap

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Brainwavz M4 BRAINWAVZ M4 IEM Earphones - BRAINWAVZ Expected Price: Rs. 3000/- Time of Purchase: June 07 2012 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: 1 Year Reason for Sale: Need cash for purchasing good mobile Purchase Invoice...
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    PS3 4.11 Jailbreak: How to??

    There is no Jailbreak for PS3 v4.11. And that is a fact. @gautam_dey66 there are several such fake claims but if you follow any good site such as ps3scene or ps3hax, then you will know that there is no jailbreak beyond 3.55.
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    PS3 4.11 Jailbreak: How to??

    Jailbreaking PS3 v4.11 is not possible. The last jailbreak was for system software v 3.55 , popularly known as KMEAW jailbreak. But that was a long time ago. Only option is downgrading to V 3.55, however it is not recommended as you will be unable to play most of the new PS3 games. Just keep...
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    Phone for around 20 - 22K

    Thank you all for your replies. I went today to get a feel of all above mentioned phones, but it my bad luck that i could not find Sony xperia P. One more friend suggested me that LAVA XOLO. But i do not want that as that brand is not very popular and getting service would be a problem...
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    Phone for around 20 - 22K

    1. Budget? around 22K 2. Display type and size? At least a 3.7 inch, and resolution of 480X800 or more. 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? Not really important. 4. Preferred choice of brand? HTC, Sony, LG, Samsung (least preferred) 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad...
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    [Want to Buy] Xbox 360

    I have bought the xbox 360 console. Mods please close the thread.
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    5.1 Speakers for PC under 7k

    The same speaker set is available for 7499 on ebay at the following link F&D 5.1 Home Theater Speakers with Fashion Design, High Gloss Finishing Surface | eBay Also i have a Rs 500 off coupon . If you want that then send me a sms and i will send the coupon to you. My number 9331109568
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    Confused in buying a xbox 360

    I want to buy a xbox 360 console. I already have a PS3 and a computer with GTX560 Ti. Getting the XBOX for exclusives (GEARS OF WAR and HALO series) So looking for a used console at a decent price. Any suggestions people. The following link at ebay looks very tempting. Should i go for it...
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    [Want to Buy] Xbox 360

    I want to buy a XBOX 360. Any model (arcade, elite , slim etc) will suffice. Non modded consoles preferred. warranty not necessary. Also not interested in kinect. New slim 4GB console sells for 14300 at indiatimes. So price should be reasonable.
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    50 DVD-R pack price?

    Moser Baer quality of DVD has deteriorated a lot in the past few years and i would strongly recommend not to use them. SONY is also good in terms of quality. Also one thing for keeping the DVDs for a long time, is to avoid those cheap CD pouch. Better to use jewel case, if the DVDs contain...
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    50 DVD-R pack price?

    My choice would go for verbatim. A bit costly at @ 16 per DVD, but never had a problem writing to them. And some of them are about 4 years old too.
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