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  1. ravi_9793

    [Suggestion] Building Personal Website

    If you have not purchased any web hosting, get a shared hosting from any decent provider. Your hosting will come with a control panel like cPanel / DirectAdmin. Easiest way to build a personal website and a blog is using WordPress. Install wordpress using features available in hosting control...
  2. ravi_9793

    Help me choose a web hosting package

    Your requirements are basic requirements of a shared hosting. What location you want to target. If you are expecting most visitors from India, you should consider hosting from a server located in India / SIngapore / US west cost. Similarly, if you expect visitors from around the globe, you...
  3. ravi_9793

    [For Sale] YagHost - 50% Lifetime Off - Pure SSD - Daily Backups - cPanel - Free Migration

    YagHost - Only Pure web hosting, No false promises, No false marketing. We are a fast growing web hosting provider with first class support and uptime. Our web hosting plans are designed for personal and small business clients who require performance, affordability and reliability. We've been...
  4. ravi_9793

    Windows phone at <25k.

    Thats because of launch of lumia 925.
  5. ravi_9793

    Broadband Help

    congrats.. Try same trick after 2-3 months...... you will get even better deal again. :D
  6. ravi_9793

    Broadband Help

    You will get many calls immediately after cancellation request. I am x-employee of Airtel BB :p So, know these common practices of Airtel.
  7. ravi_9793

    You Tube videos partially downloading,extreme buffering effect

    So, is your problem solved now??
  8. ravi_9793

    Web Page not opening after playing videos in Youtube sites?

    thats interesting and new to me. @OP, try disabling your antivirus, firewall etc. You may also want to check your computer in "safe mode with networking".
  9. ravi_9793

    Wireless N 300 ADSL2+ Modem Router (DSL-2750U)

    Seems like there is some problem with digit forum. The forum script automatically redirect to different url, and ebay consider it as 404 page not found page and further redirect it to a different page.
  10. ravi_9793

    Broadband Help

    MTNL is not very reliable but for sure its better than Reliance. No doubt, Airtel is the most reliable broadband provider in India, but at the same time they are costly also. MTNL + Reliability = MTNL 3G MTNL Delhi unlimited 3G for Rs 1650/ month 3G Prepaid Before recharging for unlimited...
  11. ravi_9793

    ** Post all your BSNL Broadband Related Queries Here **

    Probably you have some open wiring issue.
  12. ravi_9793

    Tablet under 10k

    Increase your budget to 13-14K and try Samsung Tab2 (P3100) Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 (Titanium Silver) - Buy Online with Best Prices @ Try coupon code: FATHERSDAY OR FLASH2006 OR MOBSPECIAL OR MOBDEALS OR HOTMOBILES to get additional 10-15% discount.
  13. ravi_9793

    Which Anti-virus/ anti-spyware are best?

    The best antivirus is user itself. So, just use any free antivirus with safe computing practices :) And the most common source of virus /spayware /adware etc. is internet. So, use Firefox browser with NoScript plugin to visit unknown and mistrusted websites.
  14. ravi_9793

    Broadband Help

    Launch of new Broadband Launch of FTTH symmetric Broadband Plans
  15. ravi_9793

    How to make money online without investment or with cheap investment?

    Try webmasters market place forums like People hire there for small online works.
  16. ravi_9793

    Wireless N 300 ADSL2+ Modem Router (DSL-2750U)

    Sorry, but you should consider decreasing your asking price near 1000-1200 bucks. New D-Link DSL-2750U Wireless N ADSL2 4-Port Wi-Fi Router - Rs. 1,909.00 D-Link DSL-2750U Wireless N ADSL2 4-Port Wi-Fi Router | eBay
  17. ravi_9793

    You Tube videos partially downloading,extreme buffering effect

    You can also try DownloadHelper Firefox plugin. Its completely free and can download media (images / voice / video / flash) from any website.
  18. ravi_9793

    Web Page not opening after playing videos in Youtube sites?

    Have you tried any other computer on same internet connection?? This will help us to understand if the problem is with your computer or with your internet connection.
  19. ravi_9793

    BSNL loses over 12 lakh landline subscribers in June

    BSNL need to improve network, connection wiring and customer service. 99% customers leave because of frequent disconnection problem and poor customer service. Customers can prefer to pay more price but should get quality service.
  20. ravi_9793

    Windows phone at <25k.

    I will suggest Lumia 920 Lumia 920 (32 GB): Rs.25,794 Nokia Lumia 920 (Black) Read its review: *
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