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  1. sushovan

    [For Sale] Brand New Samsung Galaxy S10+ 8/128gb for Sale

    Expected Price : Rs. 36000 Shipping from : Bhubaneshwar, Odisha Item Condition : 5 out of 5 Payment Options : Bank Transfer/UPI Purchase Date : Nov 22, 2020 Selling my 1 Week old Galaxy S10+ 8/128 version purchased from Amazon. originally for gifting purpose but its not required anymore and I...
  2. sushovan

    KZ ATE Buying Advice

    After going through a lot of options for an IEM under 1K I have zeroed in on KZ ATE. But the ways of getting it seems too few in India as I could only find this Knowledge Zenith ATE HiFiNage Indi . Can this site be trusted ? [ Aliexpress is not an option since I need it within this week itself ]
  3. sushovan

    "Smartphone" @ 25k

    Z3 Compact hands down
  4. sushovan

    [Must Read] Information regarding Indian Debit Cards.

    So i guess it will work if I upgrade it to Titanium Prime card?
  5. sushovan

    [Must Read] Information regarding Indian Debit Cards.

    I have got Axis bank Visa electron card this week. Any idea how do i activate it for international purchase?
  6. sushovan

    How to Watch the recorded program from Dish TV+ on PC

    I think you did not get my words. There is absolutely no way you can watch any kind of DTH STB recording in PC by plugging the pen drive or external HDD as the recordings are HDCP Encryption protected. You have to use some kind of Capture devices like DVRs or Avermedia Game Capture which cost > 10K
  7. sushovan

    How to Watch the recorded program from Dish TV+ on PC

    Its not possible, DTH operators protect their recording with encryption which will let you watch those only on tv, not on PC.
  8. sushovan

    Using airtel hd dth on laptop

    After going through that thread I think going for a recorder would be a gamble so I changed my plan a bit. Now i need an external tuner which would allow me to view channels on PC and then I will use a screen capturing software to record :-D I stumbled upon this card : AverMedia AVerTV BOX W7...
  9. sushovan

    Need advice on a low budget Android [5k]

    Its not possible to get even half of these requirements within a 5k phone from a "reputable" brand, Which I think is absurd, since the reputable brands that offer actual good ASS (LG,Sony) stopped showing interest in sub 10K price band a while ago and Samsuck is leading towards its doom with its...
  10. sushovan

    Using airtel hd dth on laptop

    sorry for bumping this old thread but its urgent matter :P I am going to purchase Airtel HD DTH this week ( not the HD recorder), will this EXternal card allow me to record in pc? Page Not found . I want to to know if it supports the output of airtel hd settop box ( came across a...
  11. sushovan

    DoT blocks Pastebin,, GitHub, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many other sites

    And I thought censorship was gonna end with the end of Kapil $hitbal's reign :/
  12. sushovan

    Discussion: General Online Shopping Discussion

    I bought a Music CD for 199 bucks last month and it came with bubble wrap :P
  13. sushovan

    Are these original BL-5C batteries?

    I also need to confirm this to revive my Nokia 1110, hence bumping :P
  14. sushovan

    Samsung launches Galaxy Note edge in India !!

    Another launch no one cares about.
  15. sushovan

    OnePlus gets banned from selling devices in India

    After Xiaomi it's OnePlus' turn in India to face the banhammer. The Delhi High Court has banned the Chinese company from importing and selling OnePlus One in India. Although the ban comes shortly after the Xiaomi case (which has been temporarily resolved), the two are for very different...
  16. sushovan

    Xiaomi infringes Ericsson patents, ordered to stop sales in India

    Ban lifted for all snapdragon devices, told you that Delhi HC orders dont last :P
  17. sushovan

    [For Sale] AverMedia AverTV Go (Int. TV-tuner card for PC)

    Still available? GhorMaanas
  18. sushovan

    20"+ best possible cheap TV

    ankush28,since you are back now :P , how is the TV serving you?
  19. sushovan

    What to do to record DTH Broadcast on PC?

    All I Currently have is cable connection with some cheap ass set top box and Im going to dump it for either Airtel or Videocon D2H. Will this Error 500 Server Error allow recoding content from DTH STBs and then playback in PC?
  20. sushovan

    Buy N Save Pest

    Try Adwcleaner
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