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    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    Thanks for the recommendation, I've a C2D 3.0GHz, CM 600w PSU. Not sure if I'd like to spend 10k on this ancient system considering I may upgrade in a year. For the time being, planning to play games such as FIFA, F1, AC and the like.
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    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    So, my HD4850 just died. I'm planning to replace it equivalent or better GPU as a stop gap measure for 1-2 years til a big upgrade. Any recommendations? will be keeping the budget as low as possible.
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    LCD or LED Monitors --> 19' & 22'

    Anyone used samsung B2330H ?, how good is it ? I'm getting my P2350 replaced and they're giving me B2330H as a replacement. Should I go for it ?
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    2.1 speakers.

    Thinking of getting 2.1 speakers budget is around 2k. Heard Altec lansing VS4121 is pretty decent. And how does the vs2621 compare against logitech x 210? Any other choices should I consider ? Also suggest headphone around 1k. Cheers.:smile:
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    Best software for 720p/1080p videos.

    So, which is a best /your preferred video player to play 720p/1080p.
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    My Review of Need For Speed Shift

    Err...Its a arcade racer
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    Motherbord+Proccy-Budget 10k

    My friend needs a new motherbord and a proccy for 10k Purpose - light gaming and usuall stuff. Motherboard should have a decent inbuilt gpu. Or Is 8600GT DDR3 + 6-7k Mobo-Proccy combo good enough ? Suggestions please...
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    How much does a blank Dual-layer DVD cost ?

    Was just wondering, like.
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    Best 22" LCD Within 14k!!!

    How much does a samsungT220 cost ? and how good is it ?
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    Recommend me some games to kill boredom

    Urban Chaos(very old). Total Overdose.
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    Issue with Palit HD4850 Sonic

    Yep, red patches and all that is a HW problem.
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    Issue with Palit HD4850 Sonic

    After switching back to XP from Vista, I did not get a single BSOD.
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    GTA IV Game Discussion

    Did anyone try the Multiplayer mode ??
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    Game You are Currently Addicted to

    Completed Crysis-what a crap game. Now playing Grid !
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    GTA Heaven

    Can't miss this one even though it has bad fps. Will it run fine on my C2D on low settings ?
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    atikmdag.sys-BSOD issue

    I don't think the temperatures go beyond 55-60 degree whilst playing games.Idle temps are 45 degrees at the most.So, nothing to do with the temps in my case. Add to that I'm getting low FPS so, anything wrong with the hardware ?
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    atikmdag.sys-BSOD issue

    The Blue screen is now red wtf ?
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    atikmdag.sys-BSOD issue

    The HD 4850 requires 6 pins not 8. PSU has a 6 pin power connector.
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    atikmdag.sys-BSOD issue

    I'm using 8.11 drivers. I'm using PCIe connectors from the PSU
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    atikmdag.sys-BSOD issue

    Anyone using ATi card having the same problem ? I'm using vista 32bit. Every time I play a game the damn BSoD appears.The game doesn't even run smoothly. Any solutions ?Will switching back to windows XP help ?
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