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    HTC Touch Diamond

    oops not possible at all ?
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    HTC Touch Diamond

    HI, I have HTC Touch Diamond P3490 This phone is with windows OS ! Where can i get free good softwares for this phone ? Can i install Linux on this phone ? Please let me know if any one can help me in this . Thanx
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    Apache RTR FI or Pulsar 150 DTSi???

    i have Unicon and it is very good , ill suggest unicon ..
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    China vs India

    in china do they realy care indians ? or they dont like us ?
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    Orkut aplication

    Hi, Does any one know how to make aplication in orkut , if yes pls let me know.
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    but is not good ? they give lost of free gifts !!! and games are cool too
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    Hi, How is this Online gaming site Is it good should i register it ?
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    Congrats Ani, Mac4Lin gets the page!

    Congratulations .. man good Job !!!!
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    Please Help me to say Byebye to Ms XP

    see i am a System administrator and i think i will remove some XP systems and add linux box .. coz some systems need very less aplications so need not install log list of aplications, limited aplications and more H/W resorces. If some one using only Browser , and one or two other software for...
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    Please Help me to say Byebye to Ms XP

    Thanks 4 the reply The desktop config is Intel 915 G MotherBoard P4 2.66 Ghz 512 MB Ram 80 GB HDD
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    Please Help me to say Byebye to Ms XP

    Hi , If I am using only browser (for Internet access ), Outllok for mail and Ipmsg (for chatting within Lan ) and ACDC ,Word ,XLS and nothing else than which Linux Distributor should it use . It should be very Light ,Fast and stable. I am using Windows XP right now , I don’t want to use...
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    NFS Server

    i have configuered NFS server New I can share files Linux to linux , Linux to windows , Windows to linux. using NFS. If any one need help i may able to do so .. Thanx any way ..
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    NFS Server

    have a aplication which work on NFS .. i try to connect linux-linux but it is given me " reason given by server: Permission denied " ?? what i do .. i have allmost done all the posible setting ... pls help man ..
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    NFS Server

    Hi, i have Linux box(RHEL) and a windows xp system(XP sp3 &/or windows 2003) i want to configuer NFS server on windows system and clinet on linux box. i have tryed ProNFS , Allego NFS & Disk access windows server but i am not able to access from linux box ... Does any one have good online...
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    free games for xbox 360

    Hi, got a new xbox 360 can any one tell me where can i find free games on net.
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    SpaceTime: Now the search goes 3D

    realy cool man ..
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    Free Fedora 7 DVD

    I am from Mumbai.
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    Free Fedora 7 DVD

    Hi All, I have downloaded Fedora 7 a DVD ISO. I can Send u this iso on a DVD, U dont have to Pay any thing but Courier charges to a courier Boy. I neeed following Details :- Name Adders Pin Code Email ID IP me these details and ill send u DVD right away. Bye. Linux Fan
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