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    Can I get an Orkut invitation

    To be moved or locked.
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    ATP3 , ATP3 , ATP3.
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    I've been using Lime Wire for a long time. Never had problems, but recently after formatting the system i have re-downloaded LW and it harldy works now. Dosent at all connect to the network, i dont know whats wrong, suggestions to make it connect to the network plz.
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    Which Nokia to take?

    Why do u need a phone in Hogwarts ??? Dont'ya own an owl ??? :D
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    which mobile handset has the loudest ringtone feature ?

    Nodding head in agreement.
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    Dos mode in XP?

    Thanks expert no.1 8)
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    Realistic Blood!!!

    Killer Pic, nice work pal.
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    When NGage QDi will be out?

    Camera really ????? On ngage ????? :D Me waiting too. :D
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    AVI files not playing ???????

    Thanks for the thread, was also sufferin with the same problem.
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    do u use bittorrent for "legal" stuff....?

    Downlaod legally protected stuff. Not all music comes to India, even if it does, it is limited to Delhi and Mumbai. So there is no other way.
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    Softwares you frequently use

    1) WMP no winamp :D 2) dBamp music converter 3) nero 4) Bit torrent 5) Ms office 6) Audacity
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    can anybody give me LOTR 3

    1, 2 and 3. *
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    The Weird Tatto Effect (Photoshop Tutorial)

    When i get my left arm full tattoed i will post that pic here. :D
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    i dont have a USB port in my comp. How do i enable one, how much will it cost me ????
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    First Game

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    Dialup using Mobile - Possible ?

    Never knew about this. Thx.
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    MAX PAYNE 3 ????

    Biggest Max Payne fan ALIVE :D Checked gamespot when i saw this thread. Nuthin given there.
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    The best broadband offers available across India

    But i gotta bunk the college in the day :( LoL :lol: :lol:
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    Yahoo messenger using ::::

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