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    How to start web storeage like megaupload???

    heck, the user who asked this is banned and still the question continues......
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    Folder lock software????

    Universal Shield
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    Need legal advice regarding Paypal

    Theres this online MMORPG that im playing, and you can buy cool looking items for real cash(its legal, in the game, by the makers itself) the thing is, they accept money only by a paypal id. here are my questions: 1.I do not give any information about me to the game during registration...
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    Ethical Hacking taht book list by c()rrupt, i seem to have almost all books..... bye the way, if anyone needs to be an ethical hacker, first you;ve gotta be a hacker, you know, you've gotta learn dark magic if you need to fight dark magic(read somewhere in harry potter) of course, you can be...
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    How to start web storeage like megaupload???

    if you really want to start that site, here are more ROTFLOL suggestions, true in any case though: TOP TEN ADVICES TO FILE SHARING SITE OWNERS 1.Be money hungry 2.go to US/UK. you can start even a p0rn site LEGALLY, let alone a file sharing site 3.Befriend someone in RIAA,FBI,KGB...
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    DOS Command Disabling

    if you are a programmer, looks like you've gotta do it the hard way-debug cmd.exe and nop the jump instructions for all the commands you want it wont be easy, but thats a very plausible solution i believe this can be done only by patching cmd.exe, and so that software mentioned earlier...
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    Ethical Hacking

    fadia now has a course in reliance webworld...6000 bucks for fee....ppl get all his freaking books which he plagiarized and see his shiny face on their monitors ... all these stuff for a ethical hacking course....ppl get a "ankit fadia certified ethical hacker' certificate lolz
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    my humps-black eyed peas
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    some question abt these SOFTWARE!!! part-2

    for english, watch bbc. it helps. trust me.
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    How to start dos exe programs during boot in background ?

    put the paths of the programs in autoexec.bat before any other commands
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    come on guys, surely you should have some sense...anyone thought how BIG the forum is? surely its in GBs....i dunno but I think an admin would be able to tell us.....and is been for years.... anyway, coming to softwares, you can use Blackwidow from SoftByte Labs, its really fast and neat
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    out of frequency range???

    same, it only means the monitor cannot support over a certain resolution. for example, my skool has a comp running 98 and whenever they run turbo c++ you get the outof freq error Ive noticed this error more frequently occuring in Philips 105S5 15" monitors than any other..... just an...
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    Dap in rapidshare

    actually, one of the main reasons people use rapidshare is that its hackable, and there are premium account user,pass generators. why are they so popular? because rapidshare is soooooo dumb their userid and pass are mere NUMBERS, right, numbers. and if anyone wants to get more ids, you...
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    Yaeno Kangal from movie Kalvanin Kadhali(tamil)
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    Which P2P network is the best?

    bittorrent and limewire!
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    Share Your Computer Jokes Here

    a real life incident some months back my comp didnt have proper earthing, so when you touch some places in the cabinet you may get a small shock. my frnd came to my place last month, and the earthing was proper. he didnt know that, so he asked me if he would still receive the shock. so i...
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    how much will a second hand geforce fx 5700 sell for???

    can someone recommend me a 4x agp card(with price)? my MB is old...
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    Irritating BOLD font problem in WIN XP PRO

    it looks good enough, i dont understand why you would wanna change it
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    what is smart net and how to use it?

    the fastest internet - 7.21Gbps now only used in american universities for research more info: *
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    Keyboard driver

    its not working in xp, but it works in pure dos, before the xp starts @ashnik thats what its called slim black usb keyboard edit: picture: *
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