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    Low Disk Space

    My C drive has 11.5 GB of disk space. Though after totalling the spaces used by all the folders in the C drive include program files and windows directory, its only 6 GB used, but the free space shown is only 117 MB. I really need space on C. What may be the error in it. Please help me out...
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    ASP VB Script on Apache 2.2.2

    Hi.. Can any one please help me in running ASP with VB Script on Apache Server 2.2.2. I am not able to run ASP on this server. Is there any component or module available which can support ASP on Apache. Please help me I am in deep trouble.
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    Internet Connection Problem

    I have two computers at my home. Suddenly some problem has crept up in the other computer which does not have the main internet connection. There are many sites which do not open on that computer such as yahoo, microsoft and all other portals. Can any one please tell me where may be the...
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    Media Center Dual Booting

    Hi.. Can any body please tell me if dual booting is possible with Windows XP Media Center Edition and Windows XP Professional?
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    Code to find Number of command buttons

    Thanx Hey.. Thnx for your help. The code worked. Thnx Again SID
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    Code to find Number of command buttons

    Can any one plz help me in writing the code to find the number of command buttons in VB6. Plz help SID
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    Code to find number of command buttons

    Hey Ppl.. Can any body plz help me in writing a code in VB through which I can print the number of command buttons in VB..?? Plz....I m waiting SID
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    Share TV card

    Hi.... can any one tell me whether I can share my TV Tuner card between two computers on my network?? How can I do dat?
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    Using Recovery Console

    Thanx Hi.. Thanx for help. I will do datas direcetd. Lets see. Cheers
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    Using Recovery Console

    How can I use the recovery console command prompt to reset all the system32 files which were accidentally deleted? Plz help me.
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    Computer doesnt shut down

    My PC doesnt shutdown. When I click on turnoff, the screen remains which shows"Windows is Shutting Down". Then after 5 minutes I have to switch off my UPS. Can any body help. I have windows XP.
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    free up linux space

    I want to remove Red Hat 9 from my system without affecting Windows XP and I want to free up the disk space that Red Hat has taken. How can I do that? I have GRUB boot loader installed
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    p2esocks_1041.dll error

    Can any one help? When I start my computer, an error message pops up saying "p2esocks_1041.dll specific module could not be found. rundll error" Whats the solution to remove this message?
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    Windows Start Problem

    Hi.. I have Red Hat Linux 9.0 and Windows XP service pack
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    Windows Start Problem

    I have Windows XP, which boots through linux GRUB boot loader. When I switch on my PC and select DOS as the boot reboots starts successfully only after two or three reboots. It has been only few days, since this prob has crept up. Whats the solution..can any one...
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    Logout Code

    Hi Can any one help me in craeting a logout page in that clicking on the logout link..the user's session is terminated? How do I create a session in asp for a logged in user such that other's can'y logon? I m waiting eagerly for a response... Siddharth
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    service pack 2 problem

    I have created a XP bootable cd with service pack 2.. but when I install and enter the product states it invalid....though I have installed XP earlier from the same product key without service pack2...what coukd be the problem?? can anyone help me out? SID
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    Sify broadband for linux

    can any body help me in installing Sify Broadband software in Red Hat 9? where can I download it from? SID
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    yahoo booter

    thanx thanx frnd.. I'll try dat
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    yahoo booter

    Can any body tell me bout any software for stopping the booters on yahoo messenger?
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