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    Error while installin Kubuntu5.10

    Hi guyz After a long time i decided to install linux(Kubuntu 5.10) on my pc.but I get the following error while installing Kubuntu 5.10(the one came with digit dvd jan 06 issue) "unable to install initrd tools" and the installation of the base system stops! i also have windows xp sp2 on...
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    Windows reinstall error

    guys i recently tried to reinstall win xp coz my network connections were not working properly.Whenever i try to install i get a blue screen displaying some error like this : IRQl_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.......... pLZ hELp.PLZ
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    Windows XP Tweaks - II (Continued….)

    Thanx.tweaks helped me very much.
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    DAP hangs!

    i`m using DAP 7.5 on a win xp machine.whenever i try to download it hangs! PLease heLp
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    DAP Question

    u r great.wat type of connection u have?
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    Doubt in firefox

    y u use ff.its not gud.use opera.coz its fast!
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    help needed!

    Is it right to upgrade bios? help if u can.SoS
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    XP not starting!!!

    Ur problem has no solution.Backup ur data and reinstall xp.If u have disabled any services enable them and try tweaking ur registry.
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    IE7 Beta Not Installing :(

    hey please any one tell me form where i can download IE 7 Beta! Is it only for MSDN subscribers?
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    Yeah!Throw your computer
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    firefox not associating with htm files

    solution hey stop using that nasty firefox.better use mozilla1.7 :x :!:
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    Firefox Update Trouble

    Dont use Firefox!better to use IE6 rather than using firefox.It is slow.I also tried to install themes but of no use.Why dont you try Opera8 :wink:
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    recovery of broken disc

    you guys are just crazy! How dare you!dont even think about recovering the data.
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    GIGABYTE Sucks in Kolkata

    its true!
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