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    install wmp 11 on XP...problem..

    Come to don't promote your site here. there's a thread in In General section. promote it there and helping in those things against rules is a sure way to get banned and ask for help I'll certainly help in that case..
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    Installation Error Save My Files!

    You can find data recovery software at *
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    Serious problem with Google adsense

    Hey man I said that there is a place above where you can fill the country.. Where r u right now???? B online today at 10pm at yahoo and I'll solve your prob.
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    A Very Strange Problem

    The problem may be that there may be too many fonts installed or colors installe d in the computer... First try disabling all the antivirus softwares and then delete some font files and try starting Corel Draw... Or try reinstalling corel Draw.. Remember dude eZ Trust is a good antivirus. But...
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    Have any problem, ask konstAnt?

    Yah dude that's my work, hobby and interest..... And that's what I luv doing....:D __________ If you have any problem regarding anything you can post here I'm online...
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    Browser War - Take your pick

    Re: Best Browser!!! I just use Firefox.....
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    Installation Error Save My Files!

    Hey dude don't wanna interfere but the author of the problem don't mean that his boot files are lost but he has a trouble that the files on other drive are lost ... so data recovery softwares'll be the best.. Goto * and search for "Data Recovery Softwares"
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    best music playing software

    This is nothing very much interesting. Perhaps the best music playing software is Waneez
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    problem with folder option

    * This problem might have been discussed
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    install wmp 11 on XP...problem..

    What the hell ru talking about???? Who says we cannot install WMP11 on pirated windows???? Remember every programming has an overflow and exploiting this owerflow is termed as "hacking" and baby WMP11 is already hacked/cracked...
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    Installation Error Save My Files!

    If he haden't formatted the drive or if the drive haden't been formatted(unfortunately) then he can use some data recovery softwares such as * or you can get any from the digit CD
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    Software for overclocking

    Yah you can get the CPU overclocking softwares for windows like SoftFSB. You can get the links for download at * OR, *
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    Award Space!!!

    I think this is not right place to talk about your website???????? Perhaps it is in the chitchat
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    A question about google adsense???

    Yah its true that google has not objection where you website is.... You can see the example at * . For details about adsense just surf on * 8)
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    Serious problem with Google adsense

    See man in the picture there is written to change the country and territory change the section at the top of the form. And as I have added adsense to my site * . I know that there is a country selection above.... so change you country there............ And don't...
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    Folder opens automatically when win xp starts...

    It can also be the work of a nasty virus named rontolbro.... Do you have a good virus scanner or it also closes when the virus run.. Make an antivirus disable with vb nowadays have become an easy job.. Just we have to find the services running or perform some study on the services......
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    some language 2 english????converter???

    Why don't you try * First use pdf2word converter and then go to the site mentioned above..
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    Copying a website

    But I prefer Meta product offline explorer * After the downnload completes you can compile the project to .chm so that you shouldn't mess with what you have downloaded and the saved webpage can easily be viewed... Plz report broken link..
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    Searching 3 incredible sites [Feb 2005 issue]

    See for the links you should personally contact the moderators but we every body have the pdf at home. If you really want it I can upload it but it wold take some time coz I'm somewhat busy and I'm not webhosting at home. I should find a webserver too....;)
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    Have any problem, ask konstAnt?

    Hey guyz if you have any problem then you can ask konstAnt for the help.... I promise to help you within 1 hr of posting your problem and that's a promise of a craker..... Have pun;):cool::lol:
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