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    well instead of buying pirated cds u can download 'em from net :p and mostly cds r burnt to keep 'em for playing laterone when I can get my hands on some good GPU :mrgreen:
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    RPG fans

    If you want a recent RPG then wait for ELder Scrolls 4:Oblivion it's prolly gonna release soon it's screenshots look awsome to me
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    Mouse problem in Suse Pro 9.3

    thanks mate.
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    Suse 9.3 Pro rocks!

    I'm already using it :D :mrgreen:
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    Mouse problem in Suse Pro 9.3

    hey a friend of mine has got his mouse not working in Suse9.3Pro distro ,and he prolly has his PS/2 port blown. So is there any way to use the numpad as a mouse? that poor guy is really poor and he is unable to buy a new USB mouse or change his m0b0 .and also he has only Suse in his...
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    Suse 9.3 Pro rocks!

    you forgot to mention that it has mplayer also but it causes a bit problem still with mp3 support which doesn't comes by default with it.
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    Tabbed browser

    i want to install firefox in my lab pc running dunno-waht-version-of-redhat and having kernel 2.4.2 the installer has necessary permissions ,it's -rwxr-xr-x but i thows up error msgs that it can't find how to make it install? and if I can't get it to install,is ther any...
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    Download manager

    but the odd dld managers of linux doesn't have referrer and all that
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    Prob with LG CD-R

    yeah k3b works awsome
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    Nautilus bug

    when I open a directory from nautilus ,it opens in a separate directory.This always happens in all the fedora's ,but not in shrike. how to make nautilus open in the same window ?
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    Download manager

    download manager I need for huge dlding,like DVD isos and for resumable and fast download. dunno why don't make port of flashget for linux?!!
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    clear up your desktop clutter by creating a new toolbar.

    it can be done more simply. just make a folder in desktop and drag all the icons you want in that folder. then drag that folder to the top of the screen and let go of the mouse,voila! the toolbar is created. and then uncheck the "show title" and "show text" and make the icon size small. done
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    Prob with LG CD-R

    what can I do but hate nero if nero doesn't work
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    Download manager

    Any good multi-threaded download manager for linux? I have 8 Mbps connection,so want download managers that gives good speed. is there any thing like this ?
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    Sound problem in FC3

    well I am mostly in gnome and use OSS for xmms.I did try artsd for kde,but didn't work. Can someone gimme the solution so that the sound doen't turn of coz of switching between kde and gnome
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    Prob with LG CD-R

    peace now . dumped that goddamn nero and using Alcohol 120%,absolute peace
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    Best games you've ever played!!!

    MOHPA is Medal of Honour:Pacific Assault -> it's FPS MORROWINDis a RPG and BLOODMOON is an expansion of MORROWIND. Actually MORROWIND is ELDER SCROLLS 3:MORROWIND
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    Prob with LG CD-R

    No the blank CDs are not faulty,coz i burnt using one of the lot in another comp. And yes i only opened the cabinet ,didn't remove or unplug any wire.Only cleaned it a bit,coz there were spider webs inside the whole cabinet. No I used CD-R,not CD-RW. IDE cables are stuck properly.and it's...
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    Prob with LG CD-R

    Mine's a new LG CD-R drive with 52x32x52x. It was a breeze burning cds in it,but a few days ago I opened the side case of the cabinet. And few days after when I tried to burn a data CD it got stuck at 2% . It fails to buffer at all and doesn't burn anything.The drive is only making loud...
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    Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament ??? Which???

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