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    iOS price drops (time sensitive)

    WOW! Great names over here I must say. Well I am personally very fond of Mutant Muds. :-)
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    Post your games high scores here

    Temple rum 25 lakhs, subway surfer 38k
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    Best android mobile under 8000

    Android is something that has gained huge popularity within a short duration of time. If we look at the present market, we may find there are number of brands. you may try check e-commerce websites like flipkart, snapdeal, amazon to compare the specs offered by various brands. I would suggest go...
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    SanDisk announces Pen Drives with Micro USB adapter for direct OTG access!!

    I have had great experience with Transcend one of my scandisk pendrive just went completely inactive and useless. So I do not have much faith on scandisk
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    Tools to recover data from encrypted hard disk

    Why don't you get in touch with some professional firms those actively engaged in offering data recovery services. I mean there are a number of options in the market. Find a suitable one.
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    Nokia lumia 525 launched at Rs 10,399 and 1320 at 23,999

    Why just Looks? Nokia phones have always been far better in performance as well. Especially if we look back at the period, before the inception of the Android thing, the name "Nokia" itself had a great value (performance wise) and I think it has still not compromised with that aspect rather have...
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    Nokia lumia 525 launched at Rs 10,399 and 1320 at 23,999

    Even I would love to hear why do you think is it over priced? Because almost all the other brands in the market with similar specs are priced almost the same.
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    Nokia lumia 525 launched at Rs 10,399 and 1320 at 23,999

    Very true! I think its giving a competition to its biggest rivals.
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    HTC and Nokia Enter Patent Agreement, Ending All Litigation

    So, Finally the war ends. This literally reminds me of the recent war between Complan and Horlicks hope they too find some such sort of solution. ;)
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    BlackBerry is working on a high-end 64-bit octa core smartphone for 2015

    Wow! 64 bit Octa core. Really Impressive. However, I feel that blackberry should concentrate a bit on the design, look and price range of their smartphones.
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