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    Should I Go For This Job As A HTML Developer

    I am Computer Science fresher. I want to make career in software development or web development. I want to work on multiple technologies rather than one, at least in future if not now. But as of now, I have received a job offer as a HTML developer. It includes developing only static web pages...
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    Should I go for Ruby on Rails internship

    I've completed B.E Computer Science this year. I want to make career mainly in Java development. But as of now I've received offer for an internship in Ruby on Rails development. So my queries are as follows : 1) I am thinking both the sides. a) If I accept the offer I will get to learn a...
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    Career in .Net or Java ?

    Thanks for guidence. But got few doubts - 1) Lets say if one having few years experiance in .Net want to switch to Java, then will his .Net experiance be considered for Java position ? If no, then how to tackle such situations ? Any suggestions ? 2) I've heard from many that on an average...
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    Career in .Net or Java ?

    I have completed my B.E. in Computer Engineering this year (2015). I have following doubts regarding careers. I want to work in Software development mostly with Java. So I’m currently pursuing a course in Java EE from NIIT. I have no knowledge of .Net at present. But I have received a job offer...
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    Queries regarding updating to windows 10

    Im a newbie to tech. My laptop is running windows 8.1. I have following doubts regarding updating to windows 10. 1) Is the update free for lifetime ? I've heard that windows 10 update is free for first one year only. Later it will be charged. Also I've heard that we have to update until one...
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    Career guidence for Java Preparation

    I completed my B.E. Computer this year (2015). I know Core (basic + intermediate) Java as it was only there in my academic curriculum. Now I want to give exam for OCJP (Oracle Certified Java programmar) which is one of the reputed certification for Java. I know it includes only Core Java. Should...
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