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    Calling DataOne users

    Strangely what I have noticed that many people dont understand that the speed as it is adv. 256kbps is Kilo Bits per seconds not Kilo Bytes per seconds ; so when you download the speed that you get KBPS is kilo bytes; Thus when you are downloading at 32-35 Kbps on broadband 500 plan thats good...
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    Googles new ...

    Google has started a new video search option , still in its Beta stages but can be checked out at ; though some proxies an IP mite not be able to support it so mite not open(You have to use a U.S. based proxy if you are not in U.S.) Yahoo already has it but still yahoo has...
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    HIjacker you been hijacked; use Yahoo's free anti spy to clean it up or if its real leecher use Hijack This ; and dont forget to clean bad registry using System Mechanic or somethin.... For Gods sake uninstall IE use Mozilla Firefox peace V
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    weird xp error

    Hey mate; Pretty mess you in it seems; so I hope you didnt format the disk with your Imp. documents if you did that then you would need a good Data recovery software . If luckily you didnt do that copy your imp.files in a removable disk and try it in a some other...
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    r u all comfortable with this new installation trend ???

    Yeah why do you think Bill gates got so much money from; Kazaa is nothin compared to Windows itself normal user cant imagine what kind of cr@p Windows is !!!!
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    Weird UPS problem....

    Humm maybe the problem is not with your UPS try putting a Spike Buster between your UPS and the Electrical Connection!!!! Peace V
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    Change IP

    Hey there Mate ; the only risk with help forum like this that you mite get advice from some Kid or nincompoop who doesnt even know how to wipe his a$$ but would surely try to fill up his Inferiority by giving you some wrong pathetic advice only because he/she thinks just because he/she is...
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    How can u Trace it out...............

    If you have Zone Alarm its does that for you. But their are different route tracer some of them illegal ; just be specific what purpose its required for I mite be able to help better.
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    earning money on net

    S'up again People; I think their are equal number of people who are looking for people who could work for them part time; like myself am always looking for some college student who is computer savvy and who can do some clerical work based on e-commerce for me ; Its been difficult to cause I...
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    can any provide this file??????????/

    Hey mate why should that be any trouble ; thats for what good ol'; that what anybody who would be "helping" you would do and thats what I did and here it is...
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    jpeg virus

    Hahahahah :lol: :lol: That was a good one . First think Jpeg file cannot have a virus ; rather no image file can have a virus; Virus do not work that way. Secondly file with extension .scr.jpg is not a jpg file or image file. Many Windows screen savers come with a .SCR...
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    no lan connection using different ips

    Yeah dude ; You have got some many good advices ; Like Digen Verma's advice to Ping your lan address ; did you share your connection ; software wise that is . As I told you there are so many reasons why they are not working as you want them to . Its difficult to get a clear picture...
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    Video spitting software so that the parts are playable?

    hey S'up; There are 100's of such software ; go to and in its search type "video splitter " and vola you will have a list of many good video splitters to download. Best of luck on your Banana splits. :wink: Cheers Peace V
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    two operating systems

    Yes and you know nothing else too. I just love to fart rite at pathetic buggers like you.Plus you are nothing more than a crow’s poop who just read a few comp. books here& there; maybe got hold of an internet conn. At max. got a shady Diploma in some rapidex crash course ha Firstly what...
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    Modem problem

    Cheers and Thumbs Up ; I am happy for you :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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    two operating systems

    partition my friend partion learn from India ?pakistan thing dude :) not from Geramany :wink: I guess thats the good way to explain for laymen. Best multi OS compatability soft software is Virtual Pc
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    Can't download from DAP

    Personally I found DAP the best accelerator if you actually know how to configure it it leaves all the rest of them muuuuuuuch behind the speeds you can get with it are unimaginable. Yes the problem you are talking bout is integration with browser prob. which does exist...
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    Spyware in IE not going!!

    Ok buddy s'up; First thing my mind goes to in your trouble is Registry problem and you never mentioned if you uninstalled IE or not or its that you have just stopped using it. As for the spyware certain hijacker and spyware are so smart even if you clean them up they...
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    lan file transfer

    Sharing is the key word ; but you gotta be more specific what is the "same network you are on" even Internet is a network :) . PeaceV
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    e-commerce project!

    hey Dude you never gave details for what level do you need this Project for you could be a school 5th grader or a comp engineer wannabe . Be precise plz. so that I could be precise to the point too. Specially in security I can go all the way thats up my street and I can tell you rest too but I...
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