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    NAS for android/iOS backup

    I want to setup a home NAS using an old PC. I want it to automatically backup photos/videos from my iOS and android devices with little or no human interaction. Also, I want to stream videos and pictures from it to my laptops and mobile devices. What should I do? I am beginner and looking...
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    3g WiFi dongle?

    I am looking to buy a 3g modem with WiFi connectivity (MTS?) to be used with my hostel mates (4-5people). We need an alternative to using the extremely expensive 3g network on our individual mobile devices. What do you recommend? Is a 3g dongle like MTS really the best option? We'll have it...
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    Smartphone under 15k

    I want to buy a new budget smartphone. Screen size-4.5+ OS-any Preffered brand-any To be used mostly for playing games, surfing the web and watching videos. Also, should I wait for the moto g? If yes then why? I have seen phones like the xolo play t1000 with better specs and the same...
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