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    how to make a picture cd playable on dvd player

    i have a dvd player with mpeg4,kodak cd playing features. i want to make a picture and video cd playable on my dvd player , which software should i use to make such a type of cd easily.
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    windows media player not working correctly

    whenever i play the videos from my mobile phone(lg kp 500, format 3gp,res. 240x320) on windows media player then it plays video only but dont play the audio playback and sometimes goes to the condition of not responding........ What could be the problem.......:?:?:?:?
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    how to turn on folder opening sound

    i m using windows 7. sometime before there was a click type system sound when i open any folder in windows explorer , now the sound is stopped. how can i turn it on again .please help..:?:?:?
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    [Solved] a folder got invisible . please help me...

    Re: a folder got invisible . please help me... thanks....:thumbs::thumbs::thumbs: sygeek you solved my problem.
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    [Solved] a folder got invisible . please help me...

    i have a folder named as "software2" in my D: drive(second part of hdd). but one day accidently the folder got invisible from drive but not deleted. if i search the contents of that folder from search bar then they appear and adress bar also shows the path as (computer>D:>software2). but if i...
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